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Ready to stop

Hi there i've been a smoker for 37 years and want to stop on the 9th March. I have tried many times to stop but the longest was 3 weeks on Champix, Im thinking of Zyban or Champix this time again but can you take other stop smoking aids along with this or are they taken on there own. Just looking for the security of having very little urges when i stop

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Hello yingandyang. I'm on an e-cig so I can't really help with your question I'm afraid. This place is a bit quiet at the moment but a lot of people will be coming over from the old website on the 2nd of March so it should liven up a bit - just in time to give you support with your quit! Best of luck.

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Quitting can only happen if you really want to stop. And only then. All the aids in the world won't help you if you are not committed. So if you are doing this because someone is nagging you or because you think you bought too then unless YOU really want to it won't happen. When you get urges you have to fight your way past them. It's going to happen and you know it will. It's like a test of character. But if you are committed you will do it with or without aids. Why are you waiting for that date?????


It's national stop smoking date I've been to smoking cessation today and they have told me I will have to get over the hand to mouth habit and champix will deal with the cravens


Correct but not fully.

You still get cravings with the champix, but they are manageable

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Hi there! I smoked for 28 years and I have been trying to stop for the last 4 years.

Firstly very rarely you see anyone stopping on their first attempt, unfortunately it is a very strong addition.

Everytime you attempt you will learn something new and eventually you'll crack it.

This time I'm almost 6 months and I have no intention to go back smoking.

There is no magic pill, I took the champix for 4 months, the champix helps a lot but you still need to control yourself and fight the urges.

It's not always going to be that way, I just came out of a really nasty week, but otherwise I haven't had any cravings for months.

It becomes natural not to smoke after a while.

Good luck 😀

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This is not my first attempt good for you stopping I will take one day at a time


Champix and other aides only help with the physical withdrawal. They do nothing for the mental addiction which is the one that sees most people fail at a quit. I was quit for 3 years and 8 mths when u went back to it. I can guarantee it had nothing to do with the physical withdrawal from nicotine.

The only way to quit is to want to not smoke more than you want to smoke. The continue I that mindset. Best advice I got was to read read and then read some more. I highly recommended Tales from the quit. There's a great one called choose your pain.

I quit after smoking for 20+ years, I stopped for almost 4 and then started again, cos you know, just one. It doesn't exist! I'm now 4 days quit. I just stopped. I got to the point I wanted to not smoke more than I wanted to smoke.


Levs....100% Champix works great on the physical craving but...Oh boy.. you still need to cope with the mental side...I have smoked for 38 years and could quit on my first attempt with Champix... I am smober for almost 9 months now and enjoy every moment...!


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