No Smoking Day
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16 days and counting

Since the Life threatening Asthma attack 16 days ago I stopped smoking. I smoked for over 43 years and I must say I do feel better but coughing up loads. I also have to use 2 inhalers one for the rest of my life.

I can now taste food I can smell better but I think I am getting a bit of a chest infection or cold my nose is blocked but this freezing weather is to be expected.

If I new I was going to be fighting to breathe that horrible night I don't think I would of ever started. If my boy wasn't here I would be dead because I could not talk. Ambulance got here so fast with a first responder he had to leave the jeep here because I was fighting not to have a mask on , strange right but it felt that the mask was making things worse. I was told later another 5 minutes and I would of died.

Now I watch my kids smoking and keep on at them but being young one thinks it wont happen to me or I will give it up when I'm 30 . That's my son's way of dealing but I know I frightened him so hopefully watching me drowning because that's how it felt at the time I'm hoping he will stop.

All my kids smoke skunk and that I know they will not stop most people I know are either smoking it or growing it and who can blame them with the stresses of today and I would rather them smoke pot than drink alcohol every night.

I think taking kids around Chest wards showing people fighting for every last breath would stop many before they start . Its a slow cruel nasty death and I think our NHS should get more real and show the real pain of smoking not just photo's.

Well it scared me enough never will I smoke a fag again.

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hi guys! it is tough, but i have been smoke free for 3 months and it is worth it. live is worth living!! just keep going strong and keep praying xxxx

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