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Day 5

So I finally decided to quit smoking after about 8 years of smoking. Let me be the first to say this was not as hard as I thought it would be, my whole life revolved around cigarettes, literally everything I did was organized around when I wanted my next cigarette. I was scared to be honest, I thought the withdrawal and cravings would force me to go back to smoking, now I know I am only on day 5 but I will never smoke another cigarette, I have almost no cravings what so ever and my symptoms are so small that I know the worst is almost over. So hopefully my story helps some of you trying to quit!!

I was on my computer and having a cig, all of sudden I was having a hard time catching my breath! I automatically looked at the cig and put it out, I was so sick of this addiction!!!! Everyday waking up and having to smoke, standing out in the freaking cold weather or RAIN to smoke a cig like an idiot!!! I am so sick in tired of smoking its unbelievable, my symptoms were not that bad....Day 1: HUGE CRAVINGS, wanted a cig so bad but no other symptoms....Day 2: Less cravings, small headache, some gas thats it........Day 3: Less cravings again, headache, stomach issues......Day 4: Less cravings again, no headache, stomach hurt.....and today!!! No cravings so far, some stomach problems but they too will pass!!!!! If I do get a craving I smell my ashtray! Let me tell you, if you can smell your ashtray and then smoke.....YUCK!!!!!!

Anyone can quit, I hope everyone trying to quit has the will power to get through it!!!!! I wish you all the best, GOOD LUCK!!!!

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Welcome Smarg and huge congratulations on Day 5, you are going to succeed with that positive attitude, well done you and keep it up. Great post especially for the new quitters and ones thinking of quitting. Look forward to reading your progress, read up as much as possible on what happens when you quit so you can be ready for it....:)


Inspiring, brilliant well done you, nearly a whole week done.

In my book that's blooming fantastic


Hi Smarg... Welcome and you nailed it with that smelling of the ash tray....Can you Imagine we smelled like that and in my case for 38 years... Wow...

I am so thankful for making the best decision of my life 7 months ago.... !!!

You are doing well and hang on in there !!!!


Wow CONGRATS! on 7 months thats amazing. I just cannot believe I spent 10 years of my life being controlled by my addiction, thankfully we both have our new SMOKE-FREE lives!


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