No Smoking Day
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Back again, determined, why oh why?

Well back with a quit day of tomorrow, gave up for a year, and the usual just started again, the fear of stopping is something I still don't understand?

Have a arson of weapons, I used the patch method last time, and am using this again.

House being cleaned, and preparations in order for tomorrow, mornings are difficult for me, so will keep busy.

Wishing every one a happy smoke free day

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It's easily done, and now you've done the right thing - set another date to stop and put a plan in place.

Hope it all goes well tomorrow (and onwards!)


Good luck, don't look at it as a challenge - you will have a chance to live without that smoke.

That's really a great thing to look forward to!



Thanks aprihensive, but going to take bit by bit eeeeeeek


Welcome back Tracey and congratulations and well done for coming back on here to share, that must have took alot to do, you know what you have to do, wishing you strength, focus and success, you can do it, looking forward to your update tomorrow and forever:)



I'm keeping everything crossed that you can fight through it :) Come on gal, you can beat this thing x


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