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Champix fight

Well I'm on day 14 of taking champix and for the last 24 hours have actually felt it working regarding smoking and not wanting to, I've been reading the champix crew posts last few days and they be helped as I was starting to think they was never going to do anything except make me feel very very tired and nauseous but I persevered and combated the morning one by setting my alarm for 5 am taking it and going back to sleep quick haha by the time I rise at 6.30 most the nausea has gone .

I started a course of 500mg antibiotics at the same time so not sure if that's why the delay I champix having a big effect, now I'm getting ready to say no more, but I'm so scared to jump, I keep doubting myself and thinking I will fail and see this as my last ditch effect for giving up, it's so annoying I want to stop I really really do but as soon as I think that's it I get panicked and talk myself out of it again. It's so stupid as I don't want a cigarette and it taste vile yet I still go light up. I think I am truly just a bit stupid so decided to come here and admit to being a Pratt in the hope that tomorrow I will wake up and actually jump off this stupid crashing train finally and forever

Anyhow enough rambling need to go do some work, so wish I worked away from the home as would be easier just having time gaps to get throu "getting to work" "lunch break" etc instead of the whole day ahead to get through 🤔 Have tried telling myself your at work can't smoke these hours but doesn't work as I know it's rubbish lol..

God I'm full of excuses I'm driving myself mad think I may go into the garden and just slap myself silly for a few hours haha xx

Hope you all have a great day xxx

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The champix is not a miracle pill! But it does help a lot.

On your time, this is your quit, you set the rules.

I stopped on day 4 because I was extremely sick and couldn't smoke anyways.

Jump at it whenever you feel ready. Remember, you must want it to win it.


I completely agree with the the wanting too and I do I really do as long as I'm smoking, as soon as I try to I still want to I just believe I can't and stop trying thinking do it later...tomorrow etc. Then I sit and cry that I've failed again :-/ that's why this time I'm not rushing I'm trying to fight all that first, and trying to give myself a fighting chance with beating my own head as that seems to e the biggest hurdle for me the mind games :-(


If you go back and read my posts and linda' s posts, you'll see yourself in our conversations.

We both reached a point where we were both absolutely feed up with trying, failing... Smoking, trying, failing... Smoking...and so on, and so on....

Although I personally believe that every time you try, you are one step closer to winning, for my own sanity, I had to take a different approach

I had to keep repeating over and over, smoking is not an option!

If smoking is not an option for you, I invite you to join me, and I must say a lot of us in here, you do whatever it takes, but smoking is not an option!

I slept it off, I overdosed in water, I stopped drinking coffee, I took every advice it was given to me.

I search, research... I learned about the addiction.

I treated it as a very serious addition... That's what it is.

I took different approaches as I went along.

I adapted. I cried, moaned, I vented a lot in here.

I did not have any support at home. My partner kept smoking in front of me and leaving the cigarettes all over the place.

I only had me, this forum and the Internet to research.

I nearly lost 5 times, day 5 - lite the fag and threw it away.

2 weeks, lighten up and threw it away.

Around 5 weeks - smoked half a cigarette - tasted rotten, threw it away.

Week 7 - nearly relapsed, came to the forum, Linda and Hercu talked me out of it.

Week 9 - I cried and cried with frustration. I did not give in. I'm still here!

Now a days even when I'm very upset, stressed or whatever is going on, I don't even light up.

I don't miss it, and I don't need it anymore.

Life is easy for some, and it's hard for others.

This quit was very hard, I will treasure it for the rest of my life.

I invite you to join me and many others in here.

Take the step, I think you are ready.

I will walk the road beside you, but I cannot walk for you.



Wow mmaya that does sound like me and I agree I need to stop the negativity and just get on with it, hence I'm reaching out all over the place, maybe it will finally sink it IT CAN BE DONE xxx


Of course it can be done.

I'm now 119 days smoke free

It's a mind set game.

You are no longer trying to stop smoking.

The day you stop you will still be a smoker who will not give in to a cigarette no matter what life throws at you in between.

You have the choice and you can smoke. You've decided not too.

Embrace your quit. Do not fight it, there's nothing to fight.

You used to do something that you will no longer do. That's all it is.


Thank you everyone great advice by all I'm diving in tomorrow not from morning as their my biggest gripe but from 12 noon that way thursday morning I'll have not had one for 18 hours and won't want to throw that away as easily and give me more resolve to say nope :-) see you in room day 1 shortly :-)


Hey Shelly, how did you get on today, have you joined Day 1?


Sadly no won't go into details and excuses but today wasn't the day, I'm trying again tomorrow I have one left for the morning and that's it, ...


This is your quit Shelly, you call the shots, wishing you strength, you can do this, but need the 100% commitment and focus before hand...look forward to your progress when you are ready. Xxxx


Shelly.... Welcome and truly Champix is no Magic pill but worked for me and proud to say I am 7 months smoke free and never wanted to smoke a cigarette during my whole quit journey..It was amazing Shelly...although on Champix I lived all the symptoms in the book and I am sure I developed a few new ones as well...

Take your time and you will just see one day round about day 12 to 14 that you just don't want to light up a cigarette any more.... I went from 40 per day to 20.....12...9.....6...3...0 on day 12 after starting with Champix.

Yes definitely eat something when you take the morning one ...It made me sick without eating something....and then please complete the whole course (In my country very expensive and not covered by medical aid)

Stay strong on your quest and enjoy the ride !!!!!


Shelly... You mentioned antibiotics, please allow me to tell you my story as it might scare you enough to stop now.

In January 2015 I got a chest infection, the cough was so bad that honestly I was making more noise during the night than the dog next door lol

Slowly, my health detiorated a lot and I had to stop smoking on the 1st Feb because I literally could not breathe.

5 weeks into my quit, I was feeling much better on my lungs but due to a lot of different reasons. I relapsed.

I was on and off until August.

In August I was admitted to the hospital because I was very sick.

After a whole 3 weeks in and out the hospital. They discovered it was a recurring infection on my lungs and resistant to antibiotics.

I've done huge amounts of drugs since August.

I still don't know the extent of the damage caused.

Stop when you're ready to stop! But if you are sick now, take advantage of that and go to bed, loads of camomile tea and not fags.

Day 3 will be gone before you blink your eyes. Good luck.


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