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hi guys i wasnt sure where to post this

Im doing real well with stopping smoking (well i think so) and im using the champix, i have been thinking about what its like when you stop taking the tablets (do the cravings come back ? do you feel ill? ) and wondering if any of you who have compleated the corse could please tell me what happened with you

my doctor will only perscibe me 7 weeks worth and im beginning to worry as ive only 4 and half weeks left

thanks for your help , these tabs are super

blue xx

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firstly , why 7 weeks? its a 3 month course.

i just cut down the tablets, 1 a day, half a one a day, then every other day, ive been fine

the cravings or urges are the same really, but 3 months down the line i aint giving in!

i have no idea why 7 weeks , i asked my doctor why , and she said that is all she can perscribe - i going to bring it up with my stop smoking person tomorrow at our meeting - cos it sounds mad to me , if necessary i will change doctors , just hope i can do somthing about it

dont know if my experience really relevent - didnt take as prescibed stopped smokin and started takin same day, just kept to 1 a day then started forgeting, then would just take one if really cranky, havent had any since bout begining of feb been ct since then and doin great ;)


Sad to hear the Post Code Lottery still alive and kicking...

I'm on champix too - though only on 0.5mg once a day as

couldn't tolerate higher dosage cos of side effects:eek: And it still

works...(I'm only a little person;) but had smoked for long time!!)

Still have bad cough 'cos Champix but will stop taking completely

now as have op. on Friday & they won't do it if I'm coughing:mad:

I'll let you know how I feel next week without the miracle pill!?! :D


I used Champix (brilliant stuff) but cut down to one a day after a couple of weeks, as I had an "episode" that (at the time) I thought may have been the tablets, but now, looking back, think probably not.

I was dreading stopping them (callumsgran will vouch for that!) but last week (after taking them for 9 weeks) we went on holiday and I forgot to take them 2 days in a row, and on the 3rd day I realised I felt no different, so I haven't taken them since!

So my advice is "Do not worry!:D"

PS/ If your doctor has only prescribed 7 weeks worth, why not try cutting down to one a day as I did, and make them spin out longer?. Just my own personal opinion mind you, I am not a medical expert!

I have used Champix to help me stop. I only took 2 a day for a week as i felt they were too strong. After 6 weeks i started to have 1 every other day and now i have stopped completely.

Mark, how are you doing?

The erratic sleep pattern affects lots of people who quit, not just those on Champix, so cutting the tablets down may not help.

What did your nurse say?

Hi Mark

Dont know if this will help but Im CT and wake about every two hours. So has Barb was saying it may not be the tablets and you could be doing more harm than good stopping them. Just a thought. Linda xxx


that's a bit scarey if you're still having disturbed sleep after

nearly four months:eek::confused: have you always been bad sleeper??:confused:


I'm the same Nicky, but wasn't sleeping well even before I stopped smoking. I put it down to an age thing, if you get my drift :rolleyes:

Hi Nicky

Like Barb said was bad sleeper before my age also i think HeHe.

What do they say Age dont come alone HAHA. Linda xxx

AGE!!!! grrrrrrrrr!!:mad:

They say a man is as young as the woman he feels, what do we get????:confused:


AGE!!!! grrrrrrrrr!!

They say a man is as young as the woman he feels, what do we get????:confused:


We get to grow old gracefully, Nicky ;) At least now we won't be seen queuing outside the post office waiting to collect our pensions, with the old fag dangling from our lips. :eek:

And hopefully, quitting will help prevent some of those premature wrinkles!!! :rolleyes:

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