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4 Months Today

I made it!,

Hope everyone is well.

I've been thinking about if I've got this under control and I think I pretty much have, but having real problems with my food & snacking.

I can't decide if I always wanted to snack but had a fag instead at those times OR if I'm tackling cigarette cravings with food. I can't tell any more.

I've had a very low week last week with the lowest point me sat in a toilet cubicle at work eating crisps and crying because I've gained so much weight.

Then the irrational thoughts creep in that I should perhaps go back to the fags because then I wouldn't want to eat as much.

Don't worry I'm not going to do that, but my word I need reminding all the time.

I've been spending a lot of time on a fat forum that has helped a lot. If anyone would like a link PM me - it's got adverts supporting it so I can't post it here.

On the plus side I feel I'm finally up to full strength at the gym this week and can really push myself.

I need to loose 15kgs and have managed a 3kg loss in the last six weeks.

Good to see most people still here, I'll try not to be a stranger ;)

And if anyone has any suggestions what to do to get away from your desk for 10 minutes that does not involve either food or fags I'd welcome your tips.

Take Care


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Can you just get out and walk around the building?

I was fortunate enough to be able to do that at times last year

ps/ Crisps in the toilet???? :confused: Rather yucky methinks :eek:


ps/ Crisps in the toilet???? :confused: Rather yucky methinks :eek:

I know and agree - I was just too embarrased to be sat with the third packet that day at my desk when everyone knows I'm trying to loose weight.:o


Could it be you've answered your own question here ?

I know - not being funny but you obviously do not understand.

I am not eating because I'm hungry. It's because of <insert emotion> just like nicoteen ie stressed, unhappy , bored.

It's actual cravings - where I can't get the thought out of my mind. Exactly the same as the cravings for a cigarette but instead it's for certain foods.

I have a freind at work & we share our dirty food habits together. She has chocolate hidden all over the house like an alco would booze & then binges in secret when she's supposed to be doing something else.



Congrats on reaching 4 months. Fantastic when you consider the terms your quit started.

Yeah, crisps/toilets :eek: At least you didn't have a ciggy which is the main point. Actually as I read your post I was eating crisps...not suprising as it's lunchtime. I always hoped that I'd put on weight when I stopped smoking. Possibly put on stone and half but that's okay 'cos my frame can accommodate that. But, it's strange but some of us have as much difficulty putting on weight as some of you have with trying to lose it. Pity these things can't be exchanged in some sort of swap forum :cool:


Edit: just saw your post above and AC explains the issue that the eating thoughts are part of the phsychological weaning off of the cigs were we swap the need for a cig for food. Apparently you've got to resist that 'cos if you just purely substitute one for the other then you've not actually tackled the original habit. Hm! That's not very clear. Perhaps somebody who has read AC more recently may like to have a shot of explaining it in clearer terms.


Hi Cav,

Thanks for that but actually you've got the chicken / egg theory the wrong way round.

I started smoking in my teens to stop me over eating. My smoking habit has successfully masked this problem for 20 years. That is why I was never prepared to stop smoking and probably why I resisted so much when I did accidently stop.

I know I'm going to have to face it, but like I say I've found a good lively food forum for people who have similar problems.

You are very lucky no want weight - I too wish I could swap!



Good going F2Q,


Hi F2Q :D :D

Well done on 4 months quit that is wonderful


I hope you are very proud of yourself please do not worry to much about putting on weight I have put on weight as well which I need to loose but I think the more you worry about the more you will eat at least that's what happened with me before

What I have started doing as well as cutting cakes biscuits and crisps is having sugar free sweets or gum when the need to pick gets to much

All the best



Thanks Everyone,

I know you all mean well saying don't worry about the weight but it means so much to me that if I do not get it under control I am worried I will rever to smoking.

I am only 5' and when I got on the scales was back up to 11 stone / 70kg.

I am quite muscular because I've always worked out, but at that weight it is a size 14 on me.

At my good weight 9 stone 57kg I equate to a size 10/12.

It's not just vanity either. I have hereditary problems with glucocil & metabolism that since the onset of adulthood has been monitored monthly to ensure it is stable. This caused my sister to have a stroke at 27 and my Mum to have diabetes at 50. I am not so much of a risk because I have always tried to watch my weight. Stupidly it is worse for my health to put weight on than smoke. My lung capacity function has always been good.

Thats not to say I'm not going back to smoking - I just recognise I need help with the food. As I've said on earlier posts, it is the same voice as cigarettes that tells me to eat junk.

I have been chewing through flavoured sugar free gum for weeks driving everybody around me insane....it's not the same though.

Ho-Hum, anyway.....I'm getting there :o


4 months-well done F2Q and good to hear from you again-I think of you as being my main quit buddy.

The food thing sounds like it's become a bit of an issue-don't know what to suggest really although a friend told me she munched through carrot & celery sticks with houmus when she put on weight after quitting. It must have worked as she ended up losing all the additional weight and then some-got her 'gold weightwatchers badge' and everything!

As everyone else has already said, try not to be too hard on yourself-it's still very early days and you've been to hell and back over the past 6 months-if all you're left with now is a bit of extra weight, that's not the end of the world-and you are trying to tackle it.

A few things to do for ten minutes? I wrote a list when I decided to quit-some need to be done at home but if at work you could:

File your nails

Clean your teeth-yes I know but try it-you won't feel like eating or smoking afterwards!

Take off/put on your make up

Tidy out your handbag/purse/drawer/filing cabinet

Go from the basement to the top floor of the building and back-using the stairs-assuming you work in a multi-storey building of course!

Go for a short walk around the block taking lots of deep breaths on the way-it really helps!

Drink a glass of water-again simple but effective.

I could go on but I'm sure you get the idea-I also made loads of those scoobies-the long plastic threads that you 'weave' together-gave me something to do with my hands and concentrate on when the cravings hit hard-some people swear by knitting, crocheting, embroidery etc but I'm not quite that desperate yet!

Sorry-gone on a bit (again) but hopefully you'll find something to help in here.


Hiya Popsies

Funny that I think of you as my buddy too :)

I like your 10 minutes things - especially cleaning my teeth when it gets really bad. Can do that in the office no problem.

Did get a really good food substitute one though, hot chocolate Options.

If you make them with water only 35 calories a drink - less than an apple. Had one tonight - almost like real chocolate and because you put a powder in water I can mess about at the service pod where the water vendors are for about 10 minutes stirring it properly.

Will also try a marching route around the building - up and down the stairs!

I will not smoke again, but I also need to tackle the underlying problem.



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