4 months today !!!!!!!!!

yep 4 months today and my quit meter sais

£356.87 saved by not smoking

ciggies not smoked 8399

would love to say its great to be a non smoker but......

as we all know the cravings are still there.

only in passing and at odd times but i think with me because i am enjoying being a non smoker i want to reward myself with a ciggie.

so still have to be on my guard as i am sure we all do.

roll on month 5



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  • Hi Tim :D :D

    WOW 4 months that's great and really there is only one word for it




  • Top Notch that man!!!

    Well done 1 third of a year, sorted.

  • Well done Tim, it is such a great incentive seeing people get to key points in their quit.

    Great stuff :)



  • nice one tim,,4 months you should be so proud keep the faith tony keep:D:D

  • Well done, Tim!! Congrats! :D:D

  • Great going on 4months.........:D

  • Whoops missed you!!! Well done you!!! congratulationsxxxxxxx

  • 4 months

    Well done and keep going !! How lovely to read from those who have been sooo long without the nasty wretched white sticks !!

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