4 month today

hi all,

just wanted to share with you that im 4 month today. and i feel really good.

thank-you all for your help and up-building words.:) the money im saving on

not smoking is good. some days i do miss it. but look how far i come in giving-

up so it can be done with the right help and lots of willpower. if i can do this

after 10 tryes then anyone can, its never easy giving-up something we love

doing but just thing of the benefit we get by doing so. better heath. more

money. longer life. what more reason for giving-up, i feel so happy about

the 4 month i just wanted to tell you all, hope everyone is doing well with

theirs Quits and things are looking good for you all.

have a very good weekend and will be back on soon. the best of luck to



Quit 12/3/08

smoke 35 + a day

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  • congratulations Alan!

    have a good weekend, go treat yourself!! :D

  • thanks jude.

    very kind of you. hope you well. enjoy your weekend.


  • Hi Alan

    well done on your 4 months. Thats a great achievement and a great feeling to reach that milestaone.

    Well done again .

  • Well done Alan, your doing brilliant. :):)

  • 4 months well done Alan your doing great congrats to you mate.xxxxx

  • Alan congrats on your 4 months! that is a third of a year, doesn't it sound reeeally good now :)

  • Wow alan 4 months, that's awesome mate

    Well done :)

  • thanks to everyone for their help and kind up-building words. its friends like

    you and forum like this that help us to give-up smoking.. and will-power...

    keep up the good work. and help each others.. take care all


  • Well said Alan ;)

  • well done

    Well done Alan, it's 4months two weeks for me too, you have done great especially with the dentist visit, I have a check up soon and I know I need treatment, I hope I'm ok because I get myself in a right old state when I have to go, any tips you can give me?

    Jill x

  • Sorry I missed the 4 monnth celebratios Alan, Guess I'd just better be the first to congratulate you on

    4 months AND 1 day




  • Many congrats Alan, you've got it cracked.

    Well done.

  • thank you all for your help and upbuilding words. its really does help me alot

    knowing you guys are out there waiting to help us all who are giving up,

    thanks......... Alan

  • A belated congrats to Alan... you have the right attitude and I always knew you would make it this far! Team 17 not far behind!

    Congratulations :D

    Barbara hasn't given anyone 'the clap' for a while has she?

  • GGGGreaat .........Alan;)

  • Well done Alan you are a true gent


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