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Quit 10 years, but now hooked on black and milds :-(

I have had a sucessful 10 year quit. Recently I thought I was actually able to have a taste, in the form of a black and mild cigar. Now I find myself getting one daily. So I am back hooked again. Been doing this nearly a month now. I feel bad, hiding it from my girlfriend, smoking outside my car, buying minty gum, and keeping spray cologne on me. Most of all I'm upset that I kicked marlboros 10 years, only to be resorting to this! I have just smoked my last butt, and ready to quit again. Praying for the strength.

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Welcome to the board, Toooldforthis. I had a similar experience a few years ago - I had quit for 6 months and someone gave me some cigars. I thought: 'I'll just smoke this pack, there's only 10 small ones, I'll have one a night' (which I did), inhaled every one of them, and was back on the fags for a few more months. They were cigars, not cigarettes, so what could go wrong?

The best thing if you have a slip up is to stop as soon as you can, and you may be able to avoid the cravings/withdrawal process again.

Good luck. Have a look round the site and post when you need/want to.


Welcome Tooldforthis and congratulations on embracing quitting again, you will have the 10 year quit to help you along in this quit, keep yourself busy and as Graham advised, post when needed, wishing you every success!


Hello Tooldforthis. Ditto for me over Christmas, had a few cigars and ended up smoking a pack a day. My advice is to get back on the wagon as soon as you can. You've been through it before and you can do it again. Good luck.


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