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Day 31

Woooh, made it to a full month!! I have some serious cravings for a cig today but the joy of making it to this milestone surpresses everything.

Big thanks to rowens,mmaya,karri and hercu for there support last week. This forum really helps alot.

I notice i'm thinking less and less about smoking in situations where i would normally smoke. I just notice a few minutes later that i haven't smoked , or even thought of smoking, for example after eating or coffee.

I went out for drinks where i noticed i had no desire to smoke even when my friends where teasing me with cigarettes.

Today is day 31, which makes it a full month , and my app tells me i saved 135 euro.. So i am going to treat myself and a friend to a nice dinner tonight.

Again, thanks for all the support.

My next step is to not think about the days i've quit but as in weeks. I think that changes alot in your mindset.

Till next week!

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Ah Brien, I am thrilled for you and shocked you have reached Day 31 already, go you! Time is flying by now for us both! It is great the money we save alright, its great at this time of year to have money (bought a new fridge freezer, king size bed and laptop in the black Friday deals last week).

I actually felt and done the same at your stage of your quit with counting weeks rather than days, I am now at the months, time does seem to pass much quicker. Well done again and enjoy your meal out tonight!


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