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No Smoking Day
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Day 31 - I feel great !

Good mornign all,

I am feeling fantastic in every way, the only thought that keeps creeping into my mind is why didn’t I do this years ago.

If I only I listened to family and friends who moaned, nagged and reasoned with me to give up, but like everyone else on this forum I couldn’t imagine life without my cigarettes, what would I do without the friend who was there for me during good times & bad? I always got angry and snappy about others pressuring me.

Now I can admit how wrong I had been, I feel more energetic, my skin is better, I no longer stink of stale smoke, I am sleeping better, my food tastes amazing, my breathing is better, I sleep all through the night and my bank balance has never looked so healthy and that horrible worry in the back of my mind is slowly disappearing, you know, the one that asks "what damage am I doing?"

I've now been in every situation on numerous occasions where I would usually fail my quit - Drinks with friends, driving, after food, with tea & coffee as well as after an argument and during a stressful day at work. Although these occasions were not easy, by fighting through them I know I can beat them again for the rest of my life.

Apologies for the long boast but I felt like shouting out loud as I am so pleased, unfortunately my OH is still smoking so difficult to speak with her without coming across as one of those nagging, moaning ex-smokers.

Thanks for listening.


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Well done Mark, so you should shout it from the roof tops you are doing really well. Like you I wish I had done it earlier but wouldn't listen to anybody, but hey you've done it now. My OH still smokes too and thinks I am brilliant and never thought I would do it, and he still hasn't and he is the one who always wanted to!!:mad: Never mind I can't be a nagging ex smoker.

All the best.




You have EARNED the rite to boast and sing your own paraises!

Well done dude I will see you there in 9 days LOL

Stay Strong


Thanks Maria,

The situation with my OH is exactly the same, it was her idea to quit the day we got back from our two week holiday in Greece, we had planned to quit together but at the airport on the way home she chose to buy 200 cigarettes and I didn't.

I don’t actually think she expected me to do it, it has been quite hard to bite my tongue because I am a little frustrated that she has not now made the choice to quit. The good thing is that I am not feeling resentment towards her because she still smokes as I do not miss it one bit but I feel sorry for her and want to help.

However previous experience has taught me that people will only quit when they really want to.


Thanks Gary.

Keep going mate, stay strong.



I'm joining the 31 day thread too! Not going into "Month 2" for 1 more day, just to be pinickity.. (although from 9th September, it's a month and a day)

I think yesterday gave me a real wakeup call to the effect of smoking on the body. I've always thought I was in "ok" shape, and cycled and run a bit. But as I mentioned the other week, I did the Munich Half marathon yesterday, and bearing in mind, it's been a month since the last bit of nicotine/carbon monoxide etc was in my blood, I was just astounded that I not only wiped a full 10 minutes off my previous best time, but also finished with loads in reserve (allowing me to almost sprint my lap of the olympic stadium!)

To think that the fags made that much of a difference is just scary..

Well done to all the 9th September mob, and also you Gary, who's definitely going to be up there in month 2 soon!


Well done Barney,

Fitness is the next thing I intend to address, I have been playing football at a decent level for the best part of 10 years but I have had to retire due to a hip problem. Whilst playing and being a smoker I always managed to keep a decent level of fitness due to training twice a week and games on both Saturday & Sundays.

I now havent played for a year but intend to start jogging as much as possible starting tonight, It will be interesting to see how my cardio is after such a long break.


Well done mark ,im only on day 4 but youre post really helps ,i think you should be boasting,because when it comes to the day i feel like you do i sure as hell will be, thanks mark what an inspiration you are .


Well done Mark, loved reading how positive you are and how well you feel.

It's inspiration for us all to keep going :)



So well done Mark woohoo:D and you are NOT boasting, you have every right to be very, very proud of yourself. And I agree with Pip, your post is inspirational to read as I still am a newbie and it helps bigtime to have people tell me it gets better. So thanks for sharing and may congrats:cool:



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