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Day 31 and racking up the dayz

Still quit but sorry if I haven't supported others as well as I could have on here lately. This insomnia m'larkey can really grind you down but I'm digging my heels in and refuse to give in.

Month 2 is going ok so far. I must admit I've seen a big improvement in my skin overall. At this time of year my eczema would be playing up and I'd have flaky, itchy, sore, dry skin all the time...but hardly have any. I haven't had to use my steroid creams at all!!!! Brilliant, a lot of it must have been down to the smoking. I wish I'd figured this out earlier but hey ho I have now. Also, my chest infection has cleared all up and I'm no longer coughing up green shit from my chest. I'm breathing easier and have more stamina. So any newbies out there worried about that (like I was) really does go away!!! Loads of positives!!!!

Hope you're all having a good weekend.

P.S. I've saved £180.65 and not smoked 467 death sticks...OMG!

Lisa x

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Well done 31 days is now officially a full month quit, 11 to go and you will be not needing to cook as you will be in the penthouse and there all food and drink is free, its amazing what a transformation the body goes through when you quit, the thing to remember is that it all comes back threefold if you start again, off to dish up the din dins catch you later x


Well done Lisa

A month is a fabulous achievement you should be very proud of yourself. :D



Brilliant that you have now got your first month out of the way Lisa - really well done!

You have my complete sympathy on the insomnia thing though. I haven't slept through the night since I first quit. In my case, I get to sleep ok, but then I am awake at 3am and can't get back to sleep. I always used to get up between 5-6 anyway, but this just seems too early by any standards. I have watched some very strange things on TV over the last four months - I find I am not very discriminating about my viewing at that time of day.....

Keep it up, anyway. You are doing really well. :)


Well Done on being quit for 1 whole month :D

And you have supported me, so Thank you


Bostin chick yowse dun triffic:)...well done on a whole (long) month!!!


How cool would it be to have this dog round for your one year quit anniversary



Lisa42 has feline issues and a dexter like history with cats..however I can see her as smug cat (recaption 'Lisa42 cat is smugginess') on her tremendous achievement of a whole bloomin long long excruiating month!!!! c'grats!!


Hahaha Dave and Tropical as usual you're making me laugh. Thanks's to month 2 in the bag (not a cat though eh Dave!)



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