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day 23

Hello! I am still quit YAY to me! :) hal way through week 2 I developed this horrible tiredness which lasted until literally yesterday! it was horrible, day by day it seemed to get worse and worse. I got some st johns wort and overnight I felt like me again. Whether it was the wort or not, ill never know but for now ill keep with it to help with my mood. Im still using the ecig currently, the tiredness was really unbearable and to be honest I didn't want to push myself into a crisis. Now I feel better I plan on stopping it tomorrow as I would like to just step away from NIC altogether and call that part of my life a day. I only contemplated smoking once in my quit, that was day 20 when the tiredness begun to make me panic as I do not have the time at the moment to be of my game for weeks on end.

Anyways, don't see myself smoking in the near or distant future so I think this quit is stable and I just don't smoke anymore....again! :) xxx

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Congrats Nikki. Stay positive and vigilant.


Nikki.. well done ! Congrats... Yes the tiredness had me KO also in week 3 especially where I was very active before my quit.

The Worth will definitely help...You can even try Rhidolia as well.. Stay strong !!


Hey Nikki, well done on reaching Day 23, yeah, the tiredness / insomnia can last up to 4 weeks or longer. You are doing great and keep up the positivity and remain alert at all times.


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