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I can't believe I'm here

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So, day 3 - OMG can't believe I haven't smoked for three whole days! It is so scary.

Day 2 was not the best, but OK, today has been fine.

BUT - when do you stop thinking about cigarettes? I seem to be thinking about them all the time regardless of what I do. Wake up thinking about them and go to sleep thinking about them - and think about them inbetween too! It's driving me insane. I take my mind off it by doing/thinking something else, but it just drifts back again!


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Me too but it's getting better. I'm on day 6 (wow!).

I am now noticing that sometimes I realize that I've forgotten about them. When I'm getting ready for work in the morning I don't think about them at all (another wow!).

Congrats on day 3.


Hi Chelsea :)

Well done you on day 3 that's great just hang in there

It's natural to think about smoking almost all the time this early in a quit but it does get so much easier for you the further you go Promise

Just take it day by day hour by hour baby steps to start with but they all add up for you

One day you'll suddebly realise you haven't thought about them for hours then it will be a whole days and it gets better all the time



Hi chelsea girl a big well done girl youve done amazing by getting to this stage in youre quit.

The thought of cigarettes do go less as time goes by i would say each day you kind of get used to it more until then cigarettes are simply just a thought & nothing else. The memory side of it kind of stays like a trigger for me now probably a few times a day.( almost 2month in quit). But It is easier to deal with because youve got used to not smoking - if that makes sense? Im not gonna lie & say hey Im over it at this stage because I personally am not but I have learned how to deal better

So a big good luck, keep on & trust me it does get better, i also do remember people posting me this all the time on here, & me thinking "yeah rite" in a strop thinking people was just being nice. But them words are true it gets better & easier & not has intense x:)

well done canuck too youre doing brilliant x

& hi marg hope youre doing okay? x


Thanks for your replies - I realise I am at the beginning of a fairly long road - but the thinking is just driving me mad! Can't wait for it to go. I have no doubt that when I go back to work next week, it will get less because I will have more to occupy my mind and time. And I'll have time to get a coffee and go to the loo at break times (which I haven't before - had to make the choice between fag or coffee - always needed the loo!)

Hi Chelsea and Cannuk,

Congrats on getting as far as you have. Like others have said, it never really goes as such, but im at the end of week 4 and I hardly think about them, and if I do, its as often as I think about chocolate or a packet of crisps (once a day).

Im finding now that I have much more energy and im keeping myself busy and getting more done rather than the old "lets have a fag first" routine. I guess keeping myself busy stops me thinking about them.

Like I say though, it gets much easier, I personally think week 3 was the week for me that I knew I would never smoke again, so just hang in there, remain confident in the fact that you will never smoke again, and your'll crack it.

Everyone says it, and im no exception, I loved smoking and if I can do it, anyone can!

The first week you are in a constant loggerheads battle with your 'other self'.. your nicodemon.. his voice is louder in that first week than all the weeks to follow.. you think about them alot.. but your self control and determination must win through. keep telling your self 'no i will not smoke', and stick to it.

As the weeks pass, the voice that is trying to convince you to have one becomes much quieter and then the cravings you get become more just like hunger pangs.. and a feeling like your head is over concentrating on something.. not particularly cigarettes as such.. just that you are focus'ing on something.. you feel a bit jittery etc. I get it usually after lunch time, but the feeling does pass.. a hunger pain stays til you feed it.. a nicotine craving passes without feeding it at all, you just have to ride through them and try some of the techniques perhaps described in my signature for cravings.. some good ones there.


Thanks Jase, I have printed off the craving stoppers and use them frequently.

I am using Champix and they are dealing brilliantly with the actual nicotine withdrawal and cravings - it's just the habit that I have to deal with - doing things without a fag that I always did with a fag. And, as someone else said, not having that 'fag break', or I'll just have a fag whilst I ponder what to do next.

Part of me is dreading going back to work - having been known for so long as a very loud and determined smoker - everybody knew exactly where to find me at breaktimes, it's going to take some getting used to me as a non-smoker. The other part of me can't wait to get back and be busy again!

Half way through Day 4!

Thanks for the support one and all, and well done to everyone else treading the same path!

Well whether we enjoyed them or not, smoking was doing an invisible harm to us that we would not otherwise see until its too late and possibly much later in life.

I think you, me, and anyone else who gives up is doing a great thing by quitting, you get used to doing many things without resorting to a smoke first, and eventually you wonder why you ever bothered with them in the first place.

Hi to all!,

I have missed you guys and the support that i get from this forum:. I have been overloaded with work and child and thinking about NOT having a fag!!! arghhhhhh.

Well to to you all and keep up the good work. I'm on my third day again,( it's getting silly now;)) and just longing for tomoz to come so that i can say " yeah!!! another day" and this tought also goes for you guys.

Bye for now ;))))


Well done there Mimi.. keep hacking away at this. No matter how things get, keep rising above the situation and seeing that there is much better just on the horizon line.

Every day brings its own mini-challenges, just a matter of getting through them.. and keeping things together.

Good luck.


Thanks J,

God know how you understood my last post as i missed out most of the letter's in every other word hahaha!

I still have the stick to beat away the devil's and have already put it to use infact....a great help i have to say.

So, how are you doing? I havn't had time yet to read through and catch up on all the news.

Bye bye, mimi

I'm fine mimi.. bit of a tired day for me today though as i stupidly stayed awake til after 5am.. lord knows why, wasn't up to much :)

Glad that stick has come in handy, looks like you've customised it a bit too :)

I'm lurking a bit on the forums today, i'm busy reading some books i was bought at christmas (but never got round to readin) :)

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