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Champix: A hero in violent dreams


Hello fellow quitters,

So I'm onto about day 18 of Champix and up until now haven't had any side effects (aside from not smoking!) but for the past two nights I have had dreams where really really awful things happen. It's not wholely traumatic as these things happen to other people and I come in to the rescue. I am slightly concerned that it's the beginning of the Champix descent into madness that I've read so many horror stories about... Any experience of this? What was the end result?

I'm also really tired and a bit 'can't be bothered' about things I'm usually really excited about, not sure if this is Champix related or usual heading into week two of no smoking?

Thanks 🤗

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Hey Royoraf - several of our members here advised of weird and vivid dreams (I stopped cold turkey) while taking champix - think some took the last pill earlier or took half the dosage to see if he sleeping and dreaming improved but I am sure someone will be along shortly to advise you better.

With regards the lack of motivation and tiredness, this is a normal nicotine withdrawal too but as you relapsed while out Friday night, you are going through the nicotine withdrawal (is it now 4 days now ??) and the mental battle has begun again which will be playing havoc with the recovery and rewiring as got nicotine back into your system, which could be playing a part with the dreams too.

Hopefully things will settle down for you when you get a few weeks smoke free under your belt, stay close to us :)

PS Will I put your new start date as Saturday for your milestone badges?

Royoraf in reply to RoisinO1

Thanks for replying though i don't see having a smoke on Friday night as a relapse, it hasn't affected my withdrawal or mental battle. While on Champix there is no hit, affect or enjoyment from having a cigarette so it is essentially a meaningless act that reminds you smoking tastes and smells bad. I'm not worried about badges, I don't even know where to see them anyway. Thanks

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Royoraf

Hey Royoraf , the badge appears beside your name in grey writing and has proved to be a huge motivator for our members here to reach them and see how long smoke free they are and what they have achieved. Thats no problem if you feel they are not beneficial to you.

Having one smoke or fifty smokes still has the same damaging affect and puts thousands of poisonous chemicals back into your system and the withdrawals begin when you stop giving your body and mind the nicotine fix again. I am aware that champix just takes the edge of the withdrawal and you are doing the hard work yourself but if you smoke you break the lapse of being smoke free....

taurean72 Years Smoke Free

Royoraf ... The vivid dreams are quite common with champix, I had them too. At least you're a hero in yours. Some people have tried taking the evening pill earlier because of the dreams. Myself, I just enjoyed the 'technicolor' dreams, and they didn't last very long. The tiredness and lack of interest are all part and parcel of quitting smoking. Hang in there.

NozmoValued Contributor

I agree with Roisin and taurean about the lethargy and "can't be botherdness". I think this is what happens when you stop smoking regardless of the quitting method. I used an ecig so I was still getting nicotine; and I had the hand-to-mouth habit going...but I still had terrible mood swings, and spent hours when I just couldn't be bothered with anything or anybody.

Rachy741Valued Contributor


I'm on champix too, 22 days smoke free, and I kind of enjoyed the weird dreams. I used to dream about massive disasters like zombie apocalypse etc. but as they weren't scary or preventing me from sleeping or anything I just let it be. They were a nice break from all the nausea :) and only lasted around a week... Now I just dream about smoking from time to time and then wake up mad at myself! If they are bothering you, you can lower the dose or take it earlier in the day as people suggested. I wouldn't worry about descent into madness, you are not the aggressor in the dreams but the hero who swoops in, enjoy it!

Good Luck with it! :)

Itsabouttime1 Year Smoke Free in reply to Rachy741

I had crazy dreams cold turkey but I enjoyed them too. They were weird but not scary. I kind of miss them. 😂

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Itsabouttime

Good to hear from you Itsabouttime - hope things are continuing to go well for you?

Itsabouttime1 Year Smoke Free in reply to RoisinO1

Thanks RoisinO1 Things are going well, over 2 months now! My son was sick most of February, but we made it through!

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Itsabouttime

Good to read, hope your son is well on the road to recovery now, keep us posted when you can....

HercuValued Contributor

Royoraf...I see you are over week 2 and under week 3 and living the normal total "Blah"

I also quitted with the aid of Champix and actully stopped on day 12, Two years 8 months 4 weeks 21 hours ago, because as you said ..there is no hit ..but the main reason was I wanted to quit with all my heart..!

This is the time for you to decide if you are going to kick the habit ore just going to go with the flow...You mentioned that you don't care about badges and accomplishments which is very strange because every person here is very proud on every day smoke free...and is truly a huge accomplishment..!

The dreams with Champix is fairly normal and will subside as time passes and so will your mood ...I was there...I even took a weeks leave and sat on the beach and felt sorry for myself...

Look into taking some supplements and extra vitamins...Stay strong !

Royoraf in reply to Hercu

Thanks for your response! I think I may indeed have hit the blahs a little earlier than expected, that explains a lot! I had a non violent fun Champix dream again last night so I'm hoping g it was just a phase!

In terms of badges, I do indeed thoroughly enjoy them but I have a separate app that shows my progress (and the development of health benefits), I check it regularly for a little boost. I'm not bothered on this forum as they get brought up and judged and on numerous posts based on a slip up one night early in the journey - not very motivating so best kept separate!

Anyways, looking forward to jollier times next week!!

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Royoraf

Hey Royoraf - I am sorry you feel you were being judged, that certainly was not my or others intention. We would be a very much non judgmental community and only try to give honest advice and share similar experiences to help each other to stay smoke free- that's grand to leave the badges separate :)

Glad the dreams have settled down, looking forward to reading your next update....


Yes Royoraf just like Roisin mentioned the temporary sadness or depression is part of nicotine withdraw and people that quit cold turkey also have them as well as Chantix people .

For the vivid dreams ,try having herbal no caffeine tea at least 2 hours before sleeping those include tila,camomile,valeriana or a mix of them ,,don’t drink it right before bed just in case you suffer stomach reflex ..that will give you a deep sleep and you will not remember dreams as much ..

I used Chantix too and I remembered dreams very clear

Also lower your caffeine little by little and practice deep breathing for at least 10 minute several times a day ..

Enjoy your new smoke free life

Hi Royoraf Yes i had weird dreams. Loved all of them except the one where i was smoking! (Just a dream). Guess it was about the 3rd week. I didnt go into madness and believe dreams quit then. About a month in i quit caring & slept a LOT! This is w side effects of quit with or without chantix. Am a bit different than most (and called molasses as a child because ive always been slow) but i e yet to experience greatn ss i. The quit. I think you may be in the he icky 3s... theres a pinned post for that. Once you get through it things are better. Hang in with it your doi g brilliantly!

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Exsmo

Almost 2 and a half years on and I still get the odd smoking dream and so does my hubby who will be 5 years smoke free in May, weird how the mind works Exsmo :)

Royoraf in reply to RoisinO1

It is strange but I guess, for many of us, we have smoked for more of our lives than we have not so it is a huge adjustment. Though I must say, I'm thoroughly impressed and very surprised by how quickly the habit becomes a distant memory. Waiting for a train this weekend without any urge to roll a stinky was amazing!

Exsmo in reply to RoisinO1

RoisinO1 my uncle who (i just learned) smoked long ago, at 9 years quit, craved one as his mother in law (my Granny) was dying.

“Roll a stinky” bahahaha I like that!!! Finally they are beginning to stink to me! Woo hoo!!!!

A hero in your dreams is a reflection on how you feel about quitting. I personally think anyone that takes on a negative habit is indeed a hero. Good luck.

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Lokichapman

We look forward to reading your Day 1 post very soon Lokichapman - how are you getting on, Day 4 of champix now?

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