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Finding it hard going

Hello everybody, just joined today and wondering if anybody else is finding it difficult? I've been off the cigs for 4 days now and, in the main, it isn't too bad. The thing I can't deal with is when I "forget" that I'm not smoking anymore. I've just walked out of a shop and I became aware that I was reaching into my coat pocket for my lighter. I was then hit by:

1. The realisation that I'm not smoking anymore

2. The physical lurch in my stomach which kicked off a MEGA craving for a lovely, lovely cigarette.

It's a good job there wasn't anybody smoking nearby or I think I would have been one of those scary people who ask if they can buy a cigarette from you. Anyway, I resisted the urge and am now safely back home with my nicotine replacement devices.

Does anybody else experience these moments? I've had a few and I'm wondering if they gradually disappear or if I'm stuck with them?

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Hello Nozmo and Welcome

Well done for joining us and making the best decision you'll probably ever make - to quit smoking.

I think you've summed the feelings we all experience on this quit journey but especially at the start. We've allowed ourselves to depend on smoking too much and feel we're losing something that's just part of our lives - we even think of it as our friend but in reality smoking's an enemy to everyone. The good thing is that you walked away from the situation, something you might have to do for a while yet while you're coming to terms with both the physical and psychological side effects of giving up nicotine.

There's always someone around to talk to if you need help, we're all in this together so know what it's like.

Just remember that it's your choice not to smoke anymore and be positive about your quit. If you can do that then things will be so much easier. Think about smoking and ask yourself if there is anything worthwhile about it and you'll realise that you're really giving up nothing - but that you'll gain so much.

Good luck and keep posting.


Thanks for the encouragement Linda. You've got a good point; what am I giving up? Ill health, lethargy, always being skint, stinking of smoke. It doesn't have a lot going for it.


Welcome Nozmo and congratulations on making the best decision of your life to quit and reaching day 4, I actually found day 3 & 4 the worst for cravings and thought I was going to loose my mind and experienced the exact same thing as you with reaching out for smoke and the panic and fear that you no longer smoke, I think you are over the worst and tomorrow should be better for you. Great post from Linda above for you,

Keep reading and posting....


Welcome Nozmo

Three things about these moments that you are describing:

Firstly, they will go on happening.

Secondly, they will happen less often,

Thirdly, as time goes on their power and intensity will reduce.

You will reach a point where they will be just the same as any other thought that pops into your head, and then pops straight out again.

The time will come when you stop thinking about smoking entirely.


Warm Welcome Nozmo....

Biggrin nailed it and all three points summarised correctly....I reached for my top pocket last weekend for my lighter, to light a camp fire, where I kept it for 38 years

.(I am almost 4 months smoke free)

But I did not think of smoking for past almost 2 Months....Anyhow the moment you start to enjoy the smoke free life who wants to stink again !!!;)

Stay strong and it becomes better...I can assure you !!


Thanks for the comments and support everybody. It's good to know there are people to talk to if I need to.

I'm happy to report that I've had a relatively easy day today, with no sudden cravings. Tomorrow is going to be a LOT harder as I'll be in in a situation I've always associated with smoking, and I'll also be surrounded by my (ex) smoking pals. I trust them not to offer me any so I'll just have to resist the urge to scrounge. It won't be easy but I'll do it.


Best of luck Nozmo with tomorrow, but if there is any way you can get out of being around smokers, do it, if not, if anyone offers you a smoke, think how sad it is of them to do that to you and they are begrudging you quitting and jealous, hang in there!


Thanks rowens. No way I can avoid smokers I'm afraid as I'm in a band and all other members smoke. It's rehearsal night tomorrow so they'll all be puffing away. One thing I can rely on though is that they won't offer me any cigarettes (or mock) so that makes it easier. They're a good bunch.

You have my respect for doing this cold turkey by the way, don't think I could do that without turning into a screaming maniac every few hours. Well done!


Thats good Nozmo that you won't have that pressure. I gave up 10 years ago after reading Allen Carr's book, went back on them after a year and a half just out of boredom - having a few on a night out, then gradually started buying a packet. My hubbie quit a year and a half ago and the guilt of smoking around him prompted me to quit and that I seem to be hearing nothing only bad news about people I know very sick or have passed away from cancer which scared me as I turned 40 this year, would highly recommend Allen Carr's book by the way, after 10 years ago from reading it I can still remember his words so cold turkey was the way to go for me.....


Hey dude, you're about to become the coolest band member ever...the other ones stink! Stay strong buddy!


Ha ha! Cheers, I'll tell them that!


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