No Smoking Day
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finding it a bit hard at mo

Day 6, i'm not crying or shouting or sleeping, just feeling a bit down. instead of getting easier this time round it seems to be getting harder. i think it is because i knew what to expect the first few days and therefore i was ready for it all, but by now i was expecting to start to feel a bit better and i'm not. i am not ready to have a fag, just ready to stop thinking about it 24/7.

i have to go out now, and i am on my own all day, will be strong and maybe i will pop into Next while i'm out and treat myself, and am planning a long hot bath tonight followed by an early night.

Could do with hearing how u cheered yourself up, cause am feeling sad, and a bit sorry for myself, oh poor me:(

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Yeah i agree on the boozers gloom thing.. wine has a habit of doing that and don't i flippin well know it :)

That said tho, things like a bit of retail therapy, perhaps watching some new comedy dvd's or the like, and perhaps even a trip to the cinema at some point, just some things to look forward to.

You have the power to change things. Life is an open canvas right now, so stop painting with the black, white and greys, and pick up some of the colours instead.

It don't have to be gloomy.. just make a few subtle changes.

You might just have fun along the way



Chin up Bev,

I find what's been helping me is to tot up how much I have saved by not smoking.

I visualise things that i want...could be big things like a holiday, or something small like getting my nails done.

I have started to transfer the money i'm saving into a separate bank account every day so I can see it mount up. This will be my treats account and instead of spending the money on killing myself I can spend it on luxuries.

Perhaps something like that could help?

Take a deep breath....You CAN DO THIS xx


Feeling same as you, not shed a tear been at hosp with Mark then went round the shops had a nice carvery for lunch, but it seemed to be following me around like hanging on my shoulder. I would shrug it off then back it would be....back home now and just doing a lot of deep breathing.

Hope your day ended up ok x


Hey Bev and Trendy,

you are both doing so well.... keep moving forward one day at a time. If quitting was a matter of getting through a tough week, I imagine not many people would be left smoking...... on the other hand it doesn't have to be so difficult either. You know by know that the trick lies in seeing the positive aspects of a quit and really knowing the truth about your addiction..... there is nothing to be gained from smoking.... NOTHING..... and what you feel is simply the addiction and recovering part of you...... mourn your false friend and move on..... there is much, much happiness to be found.

I remember those miserable days.... they seemed to be going on forever and everyone else seemed to be having an easier time :confused: You will get to the point to when it gets easier...... it is closer than you think so just keep moving forward :)

Have a great day you two! You can so do this ;)


hi bev, aww dont feel down. But i know the feeling only too well. I just buy myself little treats & played with the kids a lot more (i even did a pretend birthday party in the summer hols!!) just to get over a bad depressing craving, rainy day - stupid i know but it lifted all our spirits .... everytime you feel down just think of me having to go through a driving test this monday (eek)

proud of you bev, be proud of yourself, your doing something amazing x


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