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Finding this so hard all of a sudden

Day 11 and i woke up this morning with such a craving, got dressed for work etc and went down to make my lunch. See my mum's cigis on side and was pacing back and fourth from them for about 2 mins, i finally took one out and nearly lit it, i was looking at it and got so close.

In the end i'm glad to say i didn't but if i didn't leave for work when i did i really think i would have lost the battle.

Yesterday was hard too, felt like i was fighting my willpower all day. Surely it's meant to be easier now? :(

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Louise i have been told this is so normal. I found the second week a lot harder than the first. Just keep going and dont look back. You are doing so well.


Hi Louise - it hits you when you're not expecting it.

never let your guard down - unfortunately it can go on for a long time.

I was out with smokers and saturday and the thought of smoking did pass through my mind, it wasn't a strong urge, but it proved to me its still there even after 2 1/2 months.


Stay strong - there will be hard days, but the hard work is worth it to have a life as a non smoker!



Hey Louise x x x x

This is a real rollercoaster ride and Mr nicotine will try and get you back at any cost!!

Accept the dips and focus on the fact that this will pass and the up's far outweigh the downs x x x x


Get through the hours by any means you can,

Toilet breaks, chocolate, mags puzzles anything just hold on to the positive things you have already achieved. A few downs won't knock you of the path ;)

Your too stubborn and strong x x

~Buffy x x


I'm sure most of this is down to boredem!

Agh my heads so screwed at the moment! I dont wanna put on weight, but i dont wanna smoke, oh i just feel like i wanna scream, cry and shout all at the same time.



Please don't even think about the weight!!

Too much pressure on your self, a lil extra pounds never hurt no one like the toxins from smoking!

Die old and chubby, not young n slim ;)

Keep busy x x x

Try a primal scream in a pillow :D or go for a run?

Just keep going Louise x x

~Buffy x x


Week 2!

week 2 was absolute hell on me!:mad: I didn't think I was going to get through but somehow I did! Week 3 is going much smoother.:) Hang in there..don't crack!

i am on my 16th day of not smoking!:D no slips!

Not smoked for: 0Y 2W 1D 3H 10M not smoked: 151 Cigarettes. Saving me £ 40.86. I will now live longer by: 0Y 0W 0D 12H 6M. I Quit on the:. Monday, October 01, 2007 6:00:26 AM. Download This Quitmeter free from


Deep breath! You can do this. Think positive thoughts and keep busy. Have a little scream or if you can't do that come on here and yell at us all and we will listen to you :D You can't pick up a ciggie now you have come to far and all of that effort will be flushed away and you can't do that because YOU ARE TOO PROUD OF YOURSELF FOR THAT! You will hate yourself if you slip to a ciggie! You don't need it, it doesn't help anything! It only makes things worse so stick out your quit and don't let the demon get to you. You are doing great!


Boudee is so right I want to print her post and stick it on my fridge just to remind me one thing or two during the bad days :o Really, let's all be strong and never, ever forget what we've achieved, be it one day, a week, a month or a year!

I am learning to always be ready for that more or less subtle craving, because I know it can hit me anytime really, and with no reason at all. Sure, it was way harder in the first weeks, but since it looks like the body easily forgets the pain and the hard times, a hard moment now seems "very difficult" even though compared to the past I should definitely see it as "extremely easy". The good news is, Louise, the obsession over cigarettes does decrease in the long run, that's for sure hun - that's why it becomes "unexpected" when it hits ;) Almost to the point it's a good thing we're caught off guard when it hits, because think about it, it may hurt but it also means it's not on our mind anymore! hope that makes sense :p


Thanks guys, still having a bad day but no where near picking up a cig again like this morning.

Feeling so moody and grumpy today tho, wanna smack certain people lol Wont go into that on here tho!


Feel better for that tho :D


sorry Boudee, been a busy one at work today, which you think would help but does not!!! lol

I think i might have to take this all out on the step machine or punchbag later! hehe


rofl - i see that thread!

Mental images of you walking around with flannel covering her bits! ha ha :p


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