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No Smoking Day
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Finding it very hard now :(

Hi All

Well made it to day 3 but i had a bad night, i was awake until the early hours with bad cravings, then wake up this morning the same :(

Finding it a real struggle now,just hope it passes soon.......

Anyone else having a rough time today?

Thanks for all support and encouragement



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There are good days and bad, but as time goes on the bad days become fewer and good days become more frequent!

This is still the tough, bit so expect it to be tricky but know that once you have gone through it there is no need to ever re-visit it. You have done so well already by getting to day 3, now all you need to do is keep choosing not to smoke.

It will get so much easier and soon, but until then keep focused and stay strong.

Post often and let us know how you are doing throughout the day, posting can provide the distraction you need sometimes.

If at any point you feel that you are going to fail then post and wait until at least 4 replies have been posted before you make that decision to light up.

Smoking is a choice, a concious decision to so something (i.e. put one to put one in your mouth and light it) rather than doing nothing so jut keep not doing it!!

Best wishes.



Hi Babes

Day three can be hard because the last of the nicotine is leaving the body and is fighting to stay dont let it win. it will get better really soon honest then you feel light as a feather. You keep strong you dont want to do day one/two again take it hour by hour if need be. xxxxx


denise66, just one thing..weather you smoke or not the crave will go..so you just hang in there..as they say i have started..and i wiil finish.. so you keep the faith all the best tony


Denise, u r doing really well - day 3 is amazing. Just take it one day at a time. Find something to do - go for a walk, go for a drive, do some washing - anything to get ur mind off fags!!

If all else fails then post on here, coz there are people here who are feeling the same way as you.

Put it this way hun, think about all the poison u r pumping into ur lungs if u go back to smoking - it's not worth thinking about is it?



Hey Denise, hang in there buddy!!

I had a restless night too, so I can sympathise. I just keep thinking about how pleased we're going to be to get to Day 4.

Try and keep busy, do anything you can... the minutes will pass, then the hours... it's hard, but it WILL be worth it.



Thank you all so much for the encouragement, it really does help so much. Everyone one has given me something to think about, I am determind not to give in but today is hard so im going out now to take my mind of it for a few hours then ill deal with tonight later, like you said Linda just take an hour at a time and get through that.

I couldnt do it with out you all :)

Well done Kixit, hang in there hun :) We will get through this bad patch :) :)


It will get better honest. Just take it slow and you will be so proud when you come out the other side and the first few bad days are done. xxxxx


day 3 for me too

Hi Denise

Well done- today is day 3 for me too. I found it really hard last night. I couldnt concentrate on anything I was watching on TV. I felt really anxious and fidgety all night and I nearly caved in about 5 times but I decided I couldnt be that cruel on my body. Am using some NRT but still very hard. I just have to keep deep breathing. Please keep on going and I will too x


Hi Joanne

Welcome to the forum, congrats on getting to today!!

You've probably read a fair bit of the forum already but also check out the links in my Signature they can be very handy!!

Stay strong!!

Best wishes



Welcome Joanne

Congrats on your quit things get much easyer after the first few days. xxxxx


Welcome to the forums Joanne and well done hun :) You must be so pleased with yourself :)

You know what is really good about this forums is the endless support you get, thank you so much guys :)

I am determined to keep going, i really dont want to go back to day 1 again. Will sit and read your links Nic as they helped me loads at first.


Hi Denise

well done on getting this far.

You've probably read it already - but try having a drink of water every time you have a craving - water helps in so many ways (as long as you don't overdo it).

Try also the thread by Catwoman in the Tips section, about the Nicodemon.

Stick with it - if I can do it, anyone can.

Hi Joanne and welcome - well done making the best decision of your life!



I agree with all but the water thing the first week i drank 8 glasses a water a day but just went away after that .I drink 2 a day now....


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