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Overcoming failure

Failures, repeated failures, are finger posts on the road to achievement. One fails forward toward success.

So said C.S. Lewis

And that's pretty true of smoking. The past week has, for me, had its share of seriously stressful moments when, had a cigarette been available - I would have succumbed. But I didn't.

I now enter that period coming up to the six week period at which in the past I have failed. I do not expect the above quote to be 'permission' to fail, but rather an opportunity to prove C.S. Lewis right - that making attempts leads to success.

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The past is a great indicator of what should or should not be repeated. We use the past to gain wisdom/experience and try our best to apply it towrds things in our future. Things we hope make us better as people in general and better for our loved ones especially. Hang in there Meer, if you find that the 6 week mark is somewhat 'haunting' then disregard it and just continue to deal with one day/ hour at a time. Accumulating the small time frames add up to big rewards, just like travel miles lol. Takes a while but costs you nothing and the pay off is great.


Sage words Canwes. Not only is what you write very true of quitting, but also of life in general. We learn to better ourselves by greater realisation.

I seem to be riding out the past point of failure well - so far. And you're right, focus on success not past failure.


You can do this Meer!


Owww week 6... My biggest nightmare, next time I get there, I'll take a week off work and lock myself in a solitaire with no fags obviously 😍 messing aside, it is in my opinion the most difficult stage of the quit. You are doing great, stay strong and keep posting


Meer, every hour, day, week that we achieve without putting a cigarette to our lips is a milestone and you should be proud of your achievement. You have proved that you don't need smoking in your life so just keep on going onwards and upwards.

Now 'Me', well I guess I need to practice what I preach but I'm back in the second week of what I hope will be the last of my many quit attempts.

I think the secret is probably to not count the days (for me at least but I do find it so hard). Rather than that just focus on getting through life and whatever it throws at us without making it an excuse to reach for a cigarette.

I think you've done so well to get this far and it proves you can go from strenght to strength. Forget about smoking because you know you don't need it, none of us do. x


Well that's interesting. Week six has come and gone without there being severe tiredness. Is that because I'm on the ecigs?

Which brings me closer to once again facing-up to really cutting down on the nicotine. It's been all well and good saying to myself 'I'm not smoking - so that's good. Now let me go mad on the ecig'. The trouble with an ecig is that you can draw on it all the time, almost. I can use it at work on the sly. In the house. Out and about. It's just to darn easy to rely upon it. If anything, I'd say that my addiction to nicotine is worse than it was when I was smoking!! So what's the plan of action, now?

I have to find a way to not have it available in my pocket. (I never managed to keep a cigarette going in my pocket!!). This is going to be hard, but I think I have to 'packet it'. Sort of put it in a packet as if it were a cigarette and only take it out when I allow myself an 'ecig break'. Some rules are needed. Eg. Not whilst driving. Not whilst walking down the road. Not in doors(!!!) Ouch - that'll be hard. But I think this is the next step.

I'll report back in a week's time.

Pip pip.


If I were you, I would wait another 2 weeks, from my previous failures, the one thing that is always common is that you need to go to month 3 before you are actually able to control emotions. The nicotine is still in your body, make sure you get ride of the habit completely before you attempt next steps. You are doing very well, stick to your plan.


How's it going Meer? I admire you for trying to stick to a plan with the ecig, I've used one before and failed epically although it does work for some, hope all good x


Week 6 for me and other half now saw Dr for hubby last week and they have said angiogram and agoiplastsy can be done sooner rather than later even tho it had only been 4 weeks since giving up the cigs they normally wait until 12 week period this is the reason we are quitting the cigs plus money and family


I like the post by Pupalup...... Shows that there are all sorts of advantages to stopping!!!

I have been tardy in not posting about how it's going.

Fact of the matter is - I'm still using the ecig as much as ever. I'm beginning to think that there will have to come a time when I simply have to stop using it - cold turkey. If it's in the pocket - you use it. Plain and simple.

But when..... that's the question...... Well, the thought is sowed - and I'll let that germinate into a positive plan of action. I think. :-)


Hi Meer, Which brand of e cig are you using? The brand I use has varying strengths of e liquid. I'm starting at the second highest and then I plan to work down to 0% nicotine over a few months. After that maybe I can dispense with them all together. That's the plan anyway - only been on them for five days!


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