No Smoking Day
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a little better

Hi everyone,

No nicotine for 1 day and 14 hours.

Didn't sleep well last night and still feel spacey and headachey (that could be the weather)

Had a few angry moments and a bit tearful, but again so momentary. Actually, on the whole, feeling weirdly calm.

I'm at work and can see the smoking 'shed' from my desk. I feel nothing. In fact I think it's good for me to watch them (they're all lovely people and miss chatting to them out there)

It takes 5 minutes approx to smoke a fag. Less for my tiny rollups.

5 minutes...satisfy that craving.....temporarily.

Again and again. No let up

I hope I can stay free.

Good luck everyone. We're all trying really hard and we will get to where we want to be.

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Ahh you are on day two :) i gotta remember to check for other posts when i click on "todays posts".

Why not take 5 minutes to go make a coffee or something instead? It's the little "breaks" i miss when i smoke, so i told my boss i was gonna take 5 mins doing something else instead of smoking while i quit last time.


Hi Elizabeth

So good to to read your post.....:cool:

Can you imagine how crazy we were by poisoning our body's and brains for that period of time per day.?????

I smoked 40 per day x 5 minutes was 200 Minutes = 3 hours and 20 minutes per day wasted !!!!!:mad:

I also mentioned the smoking shed. After a few days in my quit it actually started to smell real bad when I walked past.

We are with you in this one and keep it up........


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