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Gonna get better in a little while

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bbossert19 Months Smoke Free

well here i go again.... i am starting 8th week on champix 4th day absolutly no ciggy butt. Lots of nasesa how I hope I can really quit this time.

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Stick with it. I completed course and am still smoke free after 2 years and 2 months 😀

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bjay221 Year Smoke Free

You can do this! I will be 4 years quit on Nov. 12 (after smoking almost 40 years) and throughout the time I still get the occasional urge, but it only lasts a minute & passes. My only crutch is I chew a lot of sugarfree gum...lots and lots. lol. If I can do it anyone can. Good luck.

Also - Ignore the 1 year smoke free next to my name. It has never been right for me. I don’t know why.

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Hev123Valued Contributor

Keep it up! Face those nausea feelings & cravings - just bat them away .... it’s just nasty Nic trying to win you back. Ignore him (he’s smelly & horrible)

It will pass I promise.

3 and half years for me now, the BEST thing I’ve ever, ever done!

Have you downloaded the MLC counter to find out how much you’ve saved?

This is mine .....

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reader20191 Year Smoke Free

Almost 2 years quit for me. I only took one pill a day. I found the nausea bad in the morning. So when I felt the nausea coming on I started eating crackers. I would eat maybe 6 to 10. Also when I took my pill I ate half my bowl of cereal first. It is a matter of changing things up to find what works for you. Good luck

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bbossert19 Months Smoke Free

well last week I made it 3 days. this week I am on day 4.....

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