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Space for a little one

well a little one who is getting bigger by the day.

Can i creep in a bit early don't really get here till 1pm but have to go out and won't get back till tea time, feel the need to keep moving up.

Feeling a bit down but i keep reading all the posts and posting quite a bit myself at the mo, i find it helps to reinforce everything i know to be true.

I am not giving up anything and i am gaining so much. Smoking gave me nothing other than lots of worries, bad breath, smelly clothes, smelly house, worried OH and kids and family, etc etc.

I think i have to get through today by choosing not to smoke for the next hour, 5 mins whatever and just get to the end of the day, somedays are just like this, i know i have been here before!

Sorry ramble ramble ramble.

thanks for reading and any positive vibes you can spare i would appreciate, i will be back later.

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Space for everyone! Just keep going Bev, you'll make it.:)


Hi Bev :D

Just keep going it doesn't matter if you take it minute by minute as long as you get through each day thay all add up



Marg xxxxxxxx


Cmon know you can do this.

Think off all that lovely money. Go into your purse now take out £6 and set light to it :D Nope didn't think so............that's what you'd be doing if you went and bought ciggies.

Smile, sing, dance anything to keep your mind off them.

Big hugs

Carol (CTC)



We all right there with you Bev!

Don't know about you, but I am so"chuffed" to be a fully fledged member of the day 4-7 forum. We are doing fab.

Every minute gone by is another minute closer to day 5! Just think, when we enter week 2 forum, we will look back at these posts and laugh.

I like the way Carol has put it about going into your purse and burning your money. Scary but she has a good point.

Hope you've had a good afternoon and feel much better.



You know what bev? I'm glad i tracked you down on this day 4.. honestly, get through this day and 5-7 are easier. When i saw your other post saying you had trouble around days 3/4, i related to it instantly. In fact, prior to this determined attempt, it was day 4 that got me, i wasn't ready for the mood swing I was suddenly in the middle of and it caught me unawares. some stupid part of me decided.. ahh i'll just have 1 and that 1 led to 20 a day for 3 more months.. because i'd bought 10 to have just the 1, i still had 9 and being the most unwasteful soul on the planet promptly polished off the other 9 the following day and then went back up to 20. Just don't do as i did those months back and succumb to that nagging self justification that 1 is ok because its just not bev, and anyway, i'll wonder what to do with these party poppers if i don't see you at end of week 1 this week yeah?

So my advice to ya is no matter how bad things seem.. or how out of sync you may feel at any moment with your OH, the only person who really does truly understand how you feel is you. (and to a large extent many folk on here). So if the forum rules here permit it, if things start getting you down that much, seriously come write your immediate thoughts here. We've been there, some of us still are.. and others are hiding it really well :) Just come here and be YOU, you never know you just might end up laughing it off in a few days.

I've got faith in ya, i know you can do it, just be absolutely iron willed for just this next few or so days and we'll get you to your week 1 first milestone.

Good luck, feel free to PM me any swear words you like in as large a font as you like if you wish :) getting it out of your system helps tons :)

I found a secret weapon around the house btw.. dry crunchy nut cornflakes.. i literally have been grabbing the odd handful when i feel 'the need' and eating them like crisps. I'll buying a new box of them soon, but they seem to work :)


Hi Bev

How you doing Bev? Welcome to the Day 4 - 7 folder - Well done!! :D

I took enormous pleasure from getting here, and in a jiffy I'm on my way out! As much as I enjoyed it here, it's time to go!

I like Jase's Crunchy Nut Cornflakes idea - got to be better than chocolate! I also read somewhere that popcorn is good - really low in calories and you can amuse yourself by trying to toss them and catch them in your mouth! :eek: Got to give that a try!

I hope your afternoon picked up Bev - be strong - we are all with you!

You can do this - we can all do this!


Thank you guys.

Well here i am nearly bedtime:confused: ok it isn't but seen as i can't open that bottle of wine and i don't seem to be able to concentrate on TV it might as well be. (oh poor me)

Well a great big thanks to all of you.

Thanks for making space writerchris. Marg just hearing you say i can make it makes it easier. CTC (still lovin the name) thinking about burning cash God that does make it seem ridiculous doesn't it, so dancing round the living room is cheaper and much more fun, though not so sure what the window cleaner thought:eek:

Trisha, yes i am proud, and i am so glad we are doing this together, looking forward to seeing you in week 2 etc etc.

Jase, what can i say, that i'll just have the one, or i deserve just one, one will make me feel better and then i won't need another:confused: how mad is that when you write it down, but in your head it seems to make sense, NOT THIS TIME. be prepared for some mighty big swear words, us Yorkshire Girls are really good at those and i just might need to use them.

Well thank you all, and if i can be of any help to any of you, i hang around here quite a lot at the moment.


Fill my PM box up with as many swear words as you want bev.. seriously i'll take none of it seriously. If you want to vent , go for it.. main thing is for the moment, get your mind on something else.. and keep some distractions handy too.. like winding an elastic band round the end of a pen as tight as it will go.. its funny, but when you concentrate on stuff like that, any silly cravings do tend to easy quite quick.

Most of all tho, post something on here, even something off the wall if you like.. everyone has something that cheers em up :)

I'll quote your signature too...

I will not smoke today.


I'm on here a lot at the moment too Bev so by all means rant away - I'm a Geordie so you Yorkshire southern lasses don't scare me ;)

Same goes for everyone else too - any moments of weakness and post on the forum and we'll all help each other get through. This typing lark keeps the hands busy and lets the cravings pass



How is bev today?

(eagerly waiting your post)


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