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NOPE- 4 Weeks

Yeah......4 weeks today without even 1 puff !!!!

I am really chuffed with myself and to be honest I sincerely doubt if I would get this far after my 38 years of constant poisoning myself :o

Definately some of my friends are really surprised that I got this far

Slowly but surely the thoughts I had of what it will be, not smoking, is becoming a reality..

The so mentioned rewards..Easy continuous coughing...better smelling....better taste etc is there and getting better day by day.

My "Zest" for life is coming back... I cant wait for tomorrow to see if there is a next challenge !!!! (and reward)

Yes... Champix really worked for me but I think the WILL to stop smoking played a big part in my quit.

Best of all was this forum where I could share my feelings, take part in our forum friends feelings,feel sorry when I see elapses,Joy if I see 2, 3, 4 months up to 1 year success stories..

The good advice when I felt down in the dumps, the urge to find more info on what is really happening to me now that I stopped.....It all helped me a lot.

(Could not wait for a post by Melli)


Yes... there is a long road ahead but the first obstacle is done.

The next one will be when I end my Champix course in two weeks time....

But I am feeling confident because I am starting to forget to take my daily dose....Kept myself busy with other things.

I have started a project to change my Land Rover into a equipped overland vehicle (Rooftop tent, Jerry Cans, Gas bottles, Deep freeze,Kayak rack etc, etc)

During the day at work and afternoon and evenings on my Land Rover

Oh man....Life is so good without that cloud of smoke and stench.!!!!!!.......:cool: :cool:

Nicodemon it is me and you.....and I am getting stronger day by day without you in my body!!!!!

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Well done Hercu. Keep it up. Still one day at a time but with your attitude you'll be off the cigs for life, a healthier life.


Congratulations. You have such positive outlook on this - you are sure to succeed!

Stay strong!


Well done Hercu! You're doing so well :)

Good to see you've got a project to keep you busy, too - what fun!


Hi Hercu, very well done , 4 weeks is a gr8 achievement for us long term very chronic smokers..:)

I know you are really quite interested in all my dopamine stuff, so i thought i would share a bit more advice for the next few weeks with you....

I am sitting on the fence with regards to Champix.....research in progress... I have seen both good and devastating results, however i am unsure as to how much of the gr8 outcomes are attributed to the Champix???

You have done what sounds a gr8 job in keeping up your motivation, mojo, keeping your reward system active with dopamine flow and this is what partly drives our success with not smoking, because we no longer need the nicotine to trigger our dopamine surges as we are learning new ways , real ways, non destructive ways to do that.......without the fags....

here in lies a bit of a challenge for you ....when you take champix, ONE of the actions it has is to attach to the nicotine receptors instead of nicotine....and yes...thats kind of great from a deeper helps break the long tern conditioning we have ...its deep......BUT, in attaching to those receptors it does active small surges of dopamine....hence you are still getting some free happy juice to help your motivation and will power etc.....and when you stop the champix this will also stop...and although the desire to smoke may have gone, the desire for dopamine will not and you may become a little flat...dull or even sad....

I believe if you are armed and prepared for this you will overcome it in no time and switch your whole dopamine back to your own control....

i suggest when you stop taking the champix, really make a plan...lots of small goals to achieve and succeed...this will give you bursts of dopamine...lots of foods that carry the dopamine precurcer like bananas and almonds, dairy and fish...start a health suppliment that helps with elevating mood..lots of exercise, go OTT on some exercise, endorphines are even better than dopamine...they are the top quality neurotransmitters.....REWARD yourself massively...coming off the champix is nearly as much a milestone as stopping the fags....

anyway i have blabbered on enough.......enjoy your smoke free weekend, i know i will, and keep us updated with your success..;)


HI Melli

Thank you for the nice blab......(LOL)

Once again thank you so much for the good advice and info..

Champix ? I would say it helped me a lot maybe because I never had serious cravings for a cigarette and that after 38 years of continuous smoking.:eek:

It was the flat, sad, sick feeling that was the worst for me.....

Yes, I acknowledge the fact that the next big challenge will be coming off the Champix.

The flat feeling I had week 1 to 2 is almost forgotten .....

I was sad because I thought I have lost a friend but that sadness made place for happiness and joy because I realized that I was beginning to win the Nicodemon.

As I have said: I just woke up one morning and decided to attack and not to defend : The old Hercu was Back....

If the same feelings is coming when I am going to stop with the Champix I will be prepared (and ask you for advice once again...)

Planned a Kayak weekend but with a terrible cold front forecast I will rather work on my project to have it ready when summer come....

It will be a smoke free weekend and congrats on your success as well..

Kind regards


Thank you Canvas, Sammi, Karri, Incy W.....You all are a big part of my success...

All your best wishes kept me positive and going


Glad to hear it! Happy to help!


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