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No Smoking Day
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Hello from Greece!

Hello everybody! I just voted for our referendum here in Greece, and a strong urge to smoke made me write this in my "quit smoking diary" here.

I am already in my 102nd day. I really cant believed I have come thus far without smoking a puff, cold turkey. The road was and still is hard. Looking back, it was really difficult for me just because I loved smoking so much! I have smoked more than 16 years for at least 25 a day. The 100's. What I am afraid now is the urges of the moment! Cigarettes are always around me as many of my friends and family smoke, and I just fear Im gonna grab one and have it on the spur of the moment. I still feel under the spell. I unfortunately do not think myself as an ex-smoker but still as a smoker in the process to give it up. Doesnt that suck? Thus I am not sure of myself, and do not celebrate much my achievement. But I guess it works as I am smoke free for some days.

Another thing I am afraid of, is the idea that this quit martyrdom woll come to an end at some point and I will start smoking again. I know that this is crap thinking and try not to pay attention, but I wish I was more adamant about it. Anyway I guess I come here when I just want to smoke and thus all the complaining and grungingness. In reality, most of the time I dont even think about it.

The latest situation in Greece is exciting. There r people who given the financial circumstances they will give up smoking, and there r those who think a cigarette will help handle all the excitement!

Have a most amazing (NO) Sunday! ;)

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I know what you mean, when do we really feel like 'non smokers'? Ever? Maybe not, we may remain reformed smokers till the end of time. Still, as long as we don't go back to smoking from here on we'll be considered non smokers by others we meet.


4 months today for me and I still feel I'm a smoker trying to quit. But we're not smoking and that's great news


Well done Antonis. I know that feeling definitely. I'm the same as Spanish, at 4 months.


Nice post Antonis keep up with your good thoughts and achievements


Wow you're in the 100 day club! Well done! Keep up the good work.


Hi Antonis

Keep posting when the triggers come. I think it's a journey that takes time and it's best to think of yourself as a smoker still trying to quit. Keeps you on your toes and ensures you don't fall for thinking on puff won't hurt. 😉


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