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Hello from Philefford

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Hey everyone!

Just to introduce myself, I'm Phil and I've recently stopped smoking after a period of 22 years gulp !

I decided to stop smoking following on from a fairly bitter end to my Civil Partnership last year. At one point I was on 50g of tobacco a day due to the stress (I know it was that awful!)

Anyway now my divorce is sorted, world war peace has broken out the last thing was the smoking! It helps that my ex still smokes like a chimney and I don't want to be like him in any way!!

So today is day 14 on Champix and day 5 of no smoking. I had my last cig during the Commonwealth games opening so it would be a sort of memorable moment.

Feeling Ok no nausea but drinking litres of fizzy water per day.

Wish me luck!!!

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Hi Phil

Welcome to the forum, it's great here, the people are lovely and supportive. Well done for quitting and for 5 days no smoking already. Good luck. :)

A big welcome to the forum from me too Phil. :)

Sounds like you've had a right old time in the course of the past year- it's never easy coping with the fall out of a relationship break up- and all power to you to decide enough is enough. Definitely time to reinvent yourself I think, especially if your ex is still puffing away (bet he'll be really envious when he hears you've quit ;))

Everyone here is lovely and you'll get all the support, advice and companionship you could possibly need. There are plenty of Champix quitters on the forum so ask anything that comes to mind as someone will have the answers.

I shall look forward to reading your posts and hearing how it is all going for you. Congratulations on starting off on the road to permanent freedom! :)

Hi Phil

Firstly, congratulations on taking the best decision ever in quitting smoking!

This forum is magic, loads of really kind people who are always ready to advise and have been through the same quitting experience as you.

Good luck with your quit

Keep strong, and keep healthy


Thanks guys

Did anyone else find that they could sleep for ever on Champix? I've always liked my sleep but I'm getting about 10 or 11 hours a night at the mo.

Not that I'm complaining- its making the days tick by more quickly:D

Welcome Phil, I hope you are looking for a new smoke-free you that your ex can be super jel of. You'll look and smell fab. 5 days is great.

I found the opposite on Champix, couldn't sleep for anything. I only took it two weeks because I couldn't deal with the side effects and my sleep still hasn't gone back to normal so hopefully you don't get that! x

Hi, just stopped by to say hi, lovely people on here, so any probs please post.

Sending lots of luck and positive vibes your way..

Look forward to your future posts

Well done doing great :)

HI Phill,lovely to meet you .im also on champix ,week 6 tabs ,week 5 no fags lol.sleeping like a baby,good luck on your quit ...good days ,bad days ,hang on in there xxxxxxx

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