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Hello from an Absent Friend:)

Hello Everyone :)

Sorry I have been AWOL again. It has been such a long year!

The good news is all my worries are gone, my mom has recovered from her surgery, was given the all clear and I am still smoke free :) Thanks so much to everyone who has kept messaging me their kind thoughts, I really do appreciate it.

Last week I started my second phase of getting healthy and embarked on a healthy eating plan. I was always overweight but have gained far too many pounds during my quit so enough!

I promised myself at the end of last year that I would leave 2014 healthier than I entered it and so far I am on track. Its finally all good :D

How are you all doing? I hope you are all healthy, happy and well X

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Lovely to see you back, and the world is looking good:)



Good to see you posting and I'm glad things are looking up for you.

Your quit is strong, 'this is the one'. Well done my love:)

Fi x


So lovely to hear from you Lindy! We missed you...

Really pleased to hear your mum has made a good recovery and that things in the garden seem rosy at present. You had so many awful and stressful events to deal with earlier in the year and really deserve a smooth run for a while.

I knew your quit would still be going strong- there's no stopping you now and you're only a few months away from the Penthouse now! :D

Good luck with the weight loss. I'll be willing to bet you succeed just as spectacularly with that as with quitting and that by the time the Xmas festivities commence (sorry...shouldn't be mentioning the 'C' word should I?) you'll be slipping your svelte frame into a glamorous little black number. :)

Have a lovely BH weekend and don't be a stranger!


Hi Lindy glad you are doing well too x

Massive congratulations:D


Thanks everyone :)

Its lovely to see familiar names still here and fighting the good fight :)

Nothing much planned for the BH weekend, just the way I like it now!

The battle of the bulge is tough LOL, but I am determined to crack it. I just want to be healthy :)

Glad you are all well too X


Good to see things are looking up for you.

I'm not on here as much as I was hence the slow reply! I'm still smoke free but over a stone heavier and struggling to motivate myself to do something about it. I'm hoping for some sort of divine intervention but it hasn't happened yet. :D


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