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So this is the view from the Penthouse

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Levs1000 Days Smoke Free

Well here's a post I never thought I would make.

The only reason I am still up (as I am poorly) is cos I have been waiting to post this as this is a day I didn't think I would ever get to but, 12 mths ago, to the hour, I put out my last ciggarette. I haven't had one puff since and will forever live with N.O.P.E Not One Puff Ever as that is all it would take to fall back to an everyday allday smoker. These are the proudest stats I have had

For the last 1 year 0 hours 3 minutes I have been smoke-free, that is a disgusting 5,110 cigarettes not smoked, a whopping £1,290.28 not spent, and a fantastic 2weeks 3 days 17 hours 50 minutes of life saved

It has not been the easiest of journeys but there wasn't one time I thought I would smoke. That doesn't mean I haven't wanted to, just that I knew my want to not smoke still outweighed my want to smoke.

So here I am, 12 mths later, a couple of stone and baby heavier, although the baby part will be coming off in January lol Every pound I have gained is worth it. Once I have baby in January I will be addressing the weight I have put on but I would rather be a few pounds over weight that a smoker.

To anyone who is just starting that journey it is so doable, look at my stats 5110 smokes in a year, thats on a 14 a day average smoker that is alot of cigarettes. I am so very proud to call myself a non smoker.

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Bloody brilliant Sian. Great feeling one full year under your belt, that's why you look a bit bigger (without the baby) now you've done that you'll want more, and you'll do it. Congratulations. David

Congratulations Sian!!!! well done and a baby soon wonderful, please keep a seat for me.

Maria. x x:)

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NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Congratulations on all counts!

So pleased for you and don't worry about the weight too much, running around after a little one will help you burn that off in the long run!

Sian, I'm so mahoosively chuffed for you. It's a wonderful achievement and you've been an absolute rock for other people here.

Huge, huge congratulations.

Pat the bump from me!

Helen xx

Well done, Sian, congrats from me and welcome to the Penthouse!!

Congratulations Sian!!!!

You should be very proud of your achievement.


Hi Hun

Congrats from me too. I am so chuffed that you made it and im closly following you. Cant wait to see the baby pics when he/she is born.

As for the weight like you say deal with that another time thats not as important as being a non smoker.

The Oct 2010 group have all done so well and soon i will be joining you all at the Penthouse xx

Good luck with the 2nd year and again a massive................


Congratulations, Sian.

I can't tell you how pleased I am to see this post :D

Well done! Knew you could do it ;)

Great job, Sian!!!

And thanks very much for all your suppport during my first year (well, almost a year)... I'll also be joining you soon :)


Well done Levs

Truly amazing achievement...well deserved here's to the next year!!!


Welcome to the Penthouse, huge congratulations on your first year quit, Sian :)

Hope your feeling well soon and all the best for January.

Pol x

congratulations sian one whole year amazing and congrats on the baby be sure to post a piccy

Congrats, Levs, on your 1st year...many more to come :cool:

Best wishes for January also :)

Look at you up there, huge well done sian xxxx

Massive Congrats honey!! Well done you! xx

Hurray! Congratulations!!!

how wonderful!!, can't wait to see it too one day!!

congrats to you on a year!! this is so fantastic!! hope there is enough room in the penthouse for all of us!:p

see ya in about 3 months!! also congrats on that baby!!:D

i know your baby is happy you are a non smoker!

Great to see you here Sian....

Well done, can't believe I missed this....

How'd you celebrate


Whoooooo hooooooo

Flipping brilliant. So happy for you.

Sorry I missed the day but hope you had a little treat for yourself on this massive milestone.

Im on 20 days to go so make sure you have a seat waiting for me.

Once again WELL DONE and congratulations on the baby news hope all goes well for you in January.

See you in the penthouse x

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Levs1000 Days Smoke Free

Thank everyone, I celebrated by being ill lol, full of horrid cold but smug in the fact a year ago (well over a year now :D) I would of still be going outside to sit in my freezing shed and smoke no matter how ill I felt.

I wont' lie, even now there is the odd time I think oh a smoke would be nice, then I actually smell it and realise just how vile it is, I don't mind the smell of fresh smoke but the stink of stale smoke just makes me wretch and I know that 'would be nice' is just a fantasy as it would make me cough and cough probably until I was sick, so light headed I would collapse and with that 1 comes another 5000 each year that I don't want and aren't nice and CONTROL my life. I am free, I choose when I go outside, I choose everything in my life now i'm not dictated to by my addiction to nicotine and habit.

My advice... choose the pain of change now. Cos in the future it allows you to choose freedom, choose health, choose life (little bit of 80's in there for you lol)

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