No Smoking Day
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Today Is the DAY!!

Hello , Every one .

Let me announce to you that iam going to leave this bad drug for my whole life will-fully and happily ... .Actually i don't have a good support system based on my friends or my family but iam rather willfully committed to improve my life and that is what iam going to do.

After 5 year of smoking constantly i reached my 18 birthday... and 6 months and I want this day to be the last of my drug histroy ....

I have been started rehab from alcohol, then marijuana , then pills etc since last 6 month all at home by my self and actually that was either great ,but nicotine seems a little bit tough.

All i need from you is support so i keep up and also encourage other ,, So we can make our future better...

Ahhh In the End All iam doing is because i love my brain so much its amazing i don't want to mess it and iam sorry what i have done to it , Iam really really sorry..>


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Hi Ali

It is a big step you have taken but it is so rewarding. Read as much as you can in the forum and post often as well. Do not be afraid to use this forum to rant on scream at the world. It isn't easy but nobody here will lie and tell you it is. But with some determination, and the support of the lovely people on this forum, you will be successful. Good luck on this last part of your journey to freedom and control of your own body and mind.


Wow Its great to say , But less is better than more in this case.

Man , Its my 25 hour right now... And it was not that difficult but yeah i take a xanax pill to pacify me when i was craving so hard after eating meat..

But In the end if you really determined to do something you can do it. All is that you have to believe :D


Congratulations on your quit! Quitting so young - if you manage to stay quit your body can pretty much 100% recover from smoking. Almost like it never happened!


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