Today's the day

I could never have seen myself on Day 6...but here I am, Day 6 of my fraud!!!!

I have been reading through posts and everyone here seem's really delightful and supportive. So I think it is only fair that today be the day, the day I tell you of my fraud.

NicoteinCop: Could you tell me of your whereabouts at 10pm Saturday 18th?

Me: Sucking on a cancerstick outside the pub. Sorry NicoteinCop! :(

NicoteinCop: You disgust me. >:| *takes out his batton*

Me: *gets beaten down*

Heh. I had one on sat when a friend offered me one, I never had another afterwards and still managed to stay out for the does however strike me as concerning when so called friends know that you're putting in the effort to quit and yet still insist on offering you unwanted fags..

So I broke my quit for 5mins on sat, it doesnt bother still counting this as Day 6, but when tomorrow comes unfortunatly it'll be Day 5 for me. I think thats only fair!

Rock on the rest of the day!


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  • Don't beat yourself up about it, one in six days is better than loads in six days, if it was easy we wouldn't need a forum. :)

  • Don't give yourself a hard time about it.There have been times over the last 18days that I would have killed for a fag and if a friend had stuck one in my face i can't honestly say that I wouldn't have taken it.

    Maybe you need to avoid going out with your smoking friends for a couple of weeks just until you are a bit further down the road. Or tell that friend of your under no circumstances to offer you one :)

    Carol xx

  • i wasn't being hard on myself really, im just a firm believer in doing something properly or its not done at all.

    I think you're right carol, and ill need to stay away from alcohol!

  • Hi Alexis :D

    I agree with the others on this don't beat yourself up

    While it may be better to keep a little distance for a couple of weeks unti your quit is more established you can't stay away form smokers forever

    ALso I point worth remembering some smokers friends or not think it's quite a game to try and get a quitter to smoke again

    If this could possibly be the case here then don't give them that satisfaction

    If you know this is not the case I apologise for the suggestion


    Marg xxxxxx

  • well after going out with them tonight I get the feeling they get some sort of satisfaction in seeing me smoke...think thats the last i'll be seeing of them for a while!

    Is it just me or do some people really want to see others fail in what they try to acheive?

  • Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i pissed off.

  • Hi Alexis :D

    You've decided after last night that you don't think you'll be seeing them at least for a while

    I assume they again tried to get you to smoke I'm so sorry

    No it's not just you it's a sad fact of life that some people get a great deal of satisfaction by seeing others fail in what they want to do

    Please don't be put off by this do what you want to do


    Marg xxxxxxxxx

  • hey marg

    unfortunately i was stupid enough to smoke and felt the pain today when it felt like everything shot out my system when i woke up!

    I was fuming on my way home last night and couldn't exactly scream at an hour like that, so i thought i'd take some anger out on here lol. It really does annoy me at how little some people are, seriously what kinda friends are those? Honestly it feels like im moving onto a different chapter in my life and my friends need to change with it. Im lost!



    I also miss my gf! She used to call me alexis, my names actually Alex :P maybe i should have chose a different username lol

  • Hi Alex :D

    I'm so sorry your freinds did that to you

    I can imagine how mad you were and are but don't beat yourself up over it

    Just start again Ok you have learned a lesson you won't forget for the next time carry on with your quit

    Don't give those so called friends the satisfaction of you continuing to smoke

    Pity them instead as I think a lot of it is jealousy on their part that you have the guts to do what they can't or won't and that is to QUIT

    Just show them that you can and will do it in spite of them


    Marg xxxxxxxxx

  • Thanks Marg =)

  • Hi Alex :D

    No thanks are necessary but rhanks for that

    If I can help in any way I am happy to do so


    Marg xxxxxxxxx

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