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Day 1

Hello everyone,

Day 1 is done and dusted. Hope and trust that I would be able stay quit...I have been here before and hate stopping but I have myself to blame.

I was smoke free for 5 years and picked up this nasty habit about 3 months ago. Just decided that smoking is really not for me's just that the first two weeks are the hardest but I will take it one day at a time.

Thanks for listening

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Hi citygirl, welcome to the forum!

well done on getting through day 1 :)

You've done this before, so you know you can do it - be strong and be positive and be good to yourself x


Hello there. welcome. So, the first two weeks are difficult, and the five year point as well. You can be an inspiration to us all, but if we can help you through to 3 weeks, we're all doing well. Keep going. Smoking is not good, and if you're younger, i.e. around 30 or less, you might still think you can easily brush this smoking rubbish aside. You can't. Knock it on the head now and become a no smoking Zsar. Keep posting, and post your progress every now and then. It helps.


Hi Citygirl

Welcome from me too. Use us to get you past the first weeks. You'll do it !!! you've done it so you know you can 😀 well done on passing day 1 x


Hi Citygirl

Great to see you come on this site, you are talking to a great set of people doing exactly what your doing , I am amazed that after 5 years of not smoking someone can still have the urge, clearly that talks us we have to be on our guard for ever.

Eek wasn't waiting for that !!!!!!!!!

You need to post often and read this forum often trust us here we all need it, we are all at different level and stages so you have a mindful of information to help you through, look forward to your progress soon, whether you think it's easier after all that time eg: does your mind still remember you dont smoke, I'm interested 😄


Day 1 Round 2.... I stopped in 2010 when my son was born, cold turkey, didn't tell anyone... took most people about 2 weeks to notice....then picked it up 2 years ago... after +-3 years.... (bad divorce) ha ha, nah... I had a weak moment...

I decided on Monday that its time to stop again, and decided that one morning this week i will wake up a non-smoker... wasn't sure when... was aiming for Sunday lol....well it was today... not feeling to bad actually, then again why should i, I've just added +-10 years to my life... that's if a meteor or bus doesn't get to me first...

I believe the addiction is in your head... the mind is a very powerful thing... if you believe it, you can achieve it....

So going to celebrate with a few beers tonight... Some of you may think that's a bad idea, but i think if i make it into something more than it is, then i have failed already... after all its a plant that you light on fire, and breathe,

I'm good thanks... as for the monster they call habit/addiction.... pick a finger buddy!

I'm choosing life!

Good luck to all of you, you have already done what many won't or believe they can't... and if you relapse remember... even a toddler doesn't get walking right the first time!

Put it out, get back up and start again....


Welcome Johnboy!

I personnally think that drinking early on is a good idea. I had some drinks at home with my husband on night 2 and went out with (non-smoking) friends on night 4.

I feel like the more triggers I can hit in the first few weeks the better, for me drinking is a big one, so I'd rather plan to conquer it while I'm feeling phsyc'd up in the early stages and also in a controlled way initially (ie. with non-smokers the first time to get used to it).

Good luck with your quit!


this time i used xanax .... But xanax was also my biggest trigger so i managed it by the way,

Better not to drink too much early cuz last time i was so drunked and thought what the hell is going to happen if you stop smoke and then smoked till morning hahaha and was so sad it was my 7 days chain....


Welcome city girl and john boy. You will both be in good company here. Different people use different methods so there should always be someone here who can provide help and advice.

John boy I remember when I was on a previous quit a couple of years ago there were a couple of people who were really positive about the whole thing. The last I heard they were still quit so it obviously works for some people. I had a wee flash of one of them in particular reading your post.

Well done both of you on a great decision and welcome to the forum.


Welcome city girl - the first day is the hardest. Welcome to your new smoke free life.


Hi Guys

I don't know if I should start a new thread or just respond to this post. I didn't post again because I picked up smoking again on my 2nd day of stop smoking. I felt so disappointed in myself hence not posting again.

Smoking is really sad, you know especially for someone who wants to quit and know it is wrong but has no willpower to stop.

Well let's just say I had enough of torturing myself and stopped once again on the 11 of July and today it has been my 7th day without smoking.

I think I will stop worrying about the 2 week mark for now and just take it one day at a time.

Thank you so much to everyone that replied to my "day 1" post and thanks for all the motivation and encouraging words.


Forgot to mention how I started again after a five year quit. My nephew brought home these new ciggies, you pop it to get the mint effect..and here stupid me said to myself "let"s give it a try, it will surely do nothing to me". It started of with 1 the next day I decided to light another one cause it will have no effect on me and I am doing it for the fun. (my inner addict voice lying to me).

The Monday at work I decided to buy my own packet and lied to myself that I still have it under control and no one needs to know...and the rest is history.

How I wished that I could be like the social smokers, only smokes when they have a drink unfortunately I don't have it in me. I'm the case of once a smoker always a smoker and never to take another puff again.


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