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No Smoking Day
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*Waves goodbye*

(only for a few days!)

I'm off to Glastonbury tomorrow - will miss popping in on you all, but promise to have a cracking good time nonetheless :)

Bit nervous as I went last year as a non-smoker, was really pleased with how easily I enjoyed myself sans fags, then stopped at a 24hour garage and bought some on the way home like a frigging idiot. NOT this year though!

Love y'all, and sorry I haven't been around so much to offer support to you all - been a bit crazy-busy lately...soon be the summer hols though :)


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Have a great time, Incy. Let's hope the weather holds out, although from my time there donkeys ago the weather didnt matter. Looking forward to hearing you're a smokeless zone still in a few days


Thanks walkabout :) Weather? What weather? ;)


Probably too late to wish you a good trip, no idea with the time change and all going on with you Incy Wincy but if you check messages again before leaving....all the best, stay strong and look forward to your retrurn. Don't even think about driving by that 24 hr gargae again, well, actually do think about driving by it. No stopping in, just keep on driving, nothing to see there. :)


Have a safe trip Incy, enjoy yourself smoke free and as Canwes said drive by that 24 hr and wave goodbye as you do, talk when you get back 👋


Ms Incy - You will have a crackin' good time, and will drive right by any 24hr garage - I know that, because I believe in you!!! Places like that are just so over rated anyway and not worth your quit - and I know you know that too - because your not a frigging idiot:) - have a wonderful time xx


Oh God! Incy! Have a fantastic time xxxx


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