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Goodbye nicotine my frenemy

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Well I'm now 12 weeks in and my NRT is over. Bye bye e cig and bye bye gum. I really hope this goes ok but am really apprehensive as the last few days have been SOOO hard. Both hubby and I have been craving like mad!

We are off on our first long-haul flight (as non-smokers) on wednesday - and I am actually looking forward to the flight for a change. I'm a bit nervous about the actual time there as we will be doing lots of eating and drinking and there will be NO KIDS) but I think it will be a good test for our actual holiday next month!

I also have realised that i have put on over a stone during the last 12 weeks. I have always weighed under 9 stone and now suddenly I'm 10 stone! Where did that come from?!?!? I know its all arrived on my butt and thighs!!! Well exercise has now begun as I don't want to be a roly poly no matter how sweet smelling I may be.

Hope everyone else is doing ok and enjoying the heatwave.

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Way to go Sarah

your confidence in yourself will improve now you have stopped using the nrt it was only an aid to help you

you done the actual quitting

just remember you have gotton through the first 12 weeks so stand tall and proud and as before just take one day at a time and keep repeating i dont smoke anymore

onwards and upwards is the only way to go




Thx Max. We are off to Mauritius. Holiday for me, work for hubby. So I will have a nice, relaxing time while he has to work :p. I am a lucky lady.

I really hope I can do this whole CT thing now without putting on any more weight. My attitude is right I think. I don't see cigarettes in a positive light at all and I know I'm not depriving myself but I just need to tell my mind that!!!!

Thx Carol, it's quite scary territory for me now as I've never managed a CT quit before. But I am ready for the challenge. I CAN DO THIS!!!!!!



thats the attitude to keep and remember the further along the quit path you go the easier it will become and before you know it you willbe walking through the penthouse doors :)



Thx Kat! I can't wait to be free of nasty Nic!!!! 12 weeks without a ciggie but only 12 hours so far without nicotine.


Well done Sarah :D :D

Proud of you!!!

Sarah, :):):):):):D:D:D:D:D

I am SO proud of you. I am glad you set a quit date for quitting NRT as well...I think that was a great idea. How are you holding up now that its been a few days?

I was actually scared to fly anywhere long distance because I knew that I would NOT be able to smoke. This made it so I could NOT travel overseas which really sucked. It made me apprehensive because I did not want to suffer on a 12 hour flight without one. Now that I have been quit, I am now thinking, "What the hell? That was so stupid. The amount of time I lost traveling because I could not give up the cigarette. How stupid is that to even think about? Cigarettes control your life in such a negative way.

I DO NOT know what a stone is and how you determine how much you weigh using a stone, but I know it has to do with weight. lol I never gained any wieght when I quit. I have actually lost 16 lbs since my quit in April. I knew that I would gain weight if I did NOT watch what I ate. I just bought a lot of fruit and when I got a crave I would eat as much fruit as I wanted. This helped tremendously because I did not want to gain weight at all...Even if I gained weight I could lose it. I guess it's better than the alternative of smoking.

Anyways, I am proud of you. I hope you are sticking to Cold Turkey. Life will be so much easier and you will feel so much better.


Thx very much Kyle. I am struggling to be honest - had a puff on hubby's e cig last night while having a few drinks so I guess it's not going that well!!! I really need to find my will power as I do not want to fall at this hurdle!! Perhaps I should put a nicotine free cartridge in my e cig and take it With me. Not sure if that will help. I guess it will mean that I am not using nicotine which is my objective here now that I've had 3 months of not smoking cigarettes! Any thoughts???

A stone is 14 pounds so it's quite a lot - there's 10% more of me now!!!

I'm really looking forward to the flight. I know people that don't fly because they can't smoke and it is awful what a hold this drug can have!


Do *not* beat yourself up about having a puff on the e-cig!!

It is *not* smoking

You're a non smoker - and a fab one too :)

The worst thing in the world would be to put all your energy fighting the e-cig and end up smoking a real one :eek::eek:

You've smoked for years and been quit 3 months - you're still adjusting so as long as it's not always in your gob, anything that keeps you off the fags is a good thing!!

Thx Gemma and Debbie. I'm not beating myself up about this one at all. I know I will win this fight. If I can stop smoking ciggies this SHOULD be easier. It wasn't like I was craving all day. Just when I had a nice cold fruity cider in the sunshine and I saw my hubby puffing away on his e cig. I sort of grabbed it off him and had a puff before I really had time to argue with myself.

But it felt good to rebel in a not so naughty way. Previously my rebellion would have been to go buy a pack, but this is less naughty by a long way. It feels quite silly really. Hopefully by the time I'm back next week I will have succeeded in lasting those vital 3 days without any nicotine (there can't be much in me at the mo though tbh).

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