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Hello everybody! *waves*

I just realised because they were talking about smoking on the TV - it came as quite a shock - today is my four year anniversary! Four years! Bloody hell!

I spent 24 years absolutely convinced that I was just 'one of those people' who was hooked, and that was that. I never thought the day would come that I would (and I mean this sincerely) rather slice my toes off with a rusty razor than light a cigarette ever again.

That isn't to say I never ever think of smoking. Once in a blue moon, I think 'gosh, if I still smoked, I'd be smoking now'. But I don't crave it or want it, not ever any more. I thought I always would.

From the bottom of my heart I wish all of you on the beginning of your journey the strength to ride out those difficult times and keep your eyes on the future. IT DOES GET BETTER. You can retrain your subconscious if you just keep plodding away, one day at a time. And keep posting here - this forum was the saving of me many times.

Best wishes to all my quitting crew too! Happy days!

Merry Christmas to you all.

Helen x

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Likewise Max, we always go at it tooth and nail on that quiz! I have a horrible feeling you may get your wish as I messed up twice in a row now. You are a great opponent :)


well I did say 'tooth and nail' rather than 'hammer and tongs' which implies fighting rather than ... anything else. I hope indeed that Max be kind, given I am out of practice with the whole forum thing! LOL!!!


Yeah, how long has this been around? It took me about ten minutes just to find the login button!


Helsybellsy, congrats on the huge mile stone and a happy new year :)


Helen, your posts were some of the first I read while in the early days of my quit and actually inspired me to join this forum in the first place - I think you nailed it for me and many others. Congratulations on four years, lovely to see your post and have a wonderful Christmas! X


Thanks for you wonderful post,

It do indeed keep us all inspired to keep going thanks for sharing


Hi Helen

It's very nice to meet you. TG re-posted something you had written which was a massive help to me when I was struggling a few weeks ago now. Congratulations on your four years and a very happy Christmas to you.


I love that so many of the veteran quitters come back here with their success stories, as others have said it's so encouraging for those of us just starting out. Thank Helsbelles, Merry Christmas to you and yours.

It's great isn't it Karen? It helps me immensely knowing there's light at the end of the tunnel :)


It is indeed lovely to see so many of the Forum Alumini popping in to say hello and to share their post-Penthouse stories with us.

Four whole years Helsbelles! That's wonderful- I bet on Day One you could never have possibly imagined being quit-free for four whole years could you? And yet, here you are, all that way down the line. What an achievement and what an inspiration to all the quitters (and would-be quitters) behind you on the road!

May you have a very merry Christmas and an extremely satisfying Year Five. :)


Flippin eck 4 years, that's massive. I can remember being in awe of you when I joined here and I am in even more awe now. Well done Helen xxx


Thanks everyone. I am very happy to be free and clear of that crappy habit. And hand on heart, I wouldn't touch another cigarette now if someone offered me a million quid to do it.

So nice to see a lot of familiar names on here, still giving support. What a wonderful forum this is - such a lifeline. And I'm touched to hear that some of my ramblings still help people.

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and wish you all a very happy and smoke free 2015!



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