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Goodbye Week 6 *waves*

Well this last 1-2 weeks has certainly moved quicker than I expected.

I'd say that weeks 1-4 are the ones that dragged for me, but I'm finding myself a little less reliant on the forum now (not that I'll ever stop coming here, of course!) and I tend to have moments when I don't think about smoking (sometimes for minutes at a time now! :D). This seems like progress, so I'm very happy.

I still have a looong way to go, but I wouldn't be here without you guys. Thank you so much again for not allowing me to go astray!

Here's to the next six weeks! xxx

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WOOHOO, go Sarah Lou!! :cool:

You are doing so well, and it's great to see!!

You're making real progress, you're a lot more confident in your quit and helping other people (me included) on here :D

It only gets easier from here, and we *won't* let you fail, no way!! xxx



Progress indeed, looking promising for you now my love. Well done:)

Fi x


Thank you guys.

It shouldn't be long now until the nasty devil in my head stays away and I can put my "frying pan" down ;)

However, I will remain on my guard for now :cool: xxx


Well done hun you are doing great. I love reading your posts :) x

Thanks Doodle :)

Happy to provide some entertainment/inspiration/pure ramblings with my posts! xxx


Nice post, and nice job!!


Nice post, and nice job!!

Thanks very much :) x


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