Goodbye !!

In a couple of hours I will be spreading my wings and leaving this (week 2 ) room. I have almost made it to week 3!! I went to see my nurse today and had my carbon levels checked again... Before I quit they were at 19, and today they have gone down to 2!!!:), normal for a non-smoker. I am soooo pleased everyone on here is doing so well, you are all fantastic in your own right.

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  • Ah thats great to see the proof!!

    Well done bulldog!

    Enjoy the flight up to week 3 :D

    ~Buffy x x

  • Cheers Buffy xx:)

  • AWESOME!!!

    See you are a shining star too Bulldog :D I will leave this 155just for you! "BOUDEE LEAVE IT ALONE, it is for Bulldog"!!! Yahhoooo great stuff! Keep going strong!

  • Yay, Thank you!!:D

  • Way To Go Bulldog!!!

    I bet you're feeling soooooooo gooooooood!!!

    See you in week three shortly...Day 13 today.

    Big Hugs


  • excellent, well done you. your flying along now :)

  • Well done!!!

    Into Week 3 with me now! Although i'm actually in week 4, but there is a mystery shrouding where the week 4 forum is!!!

  • lol @ Boudee!!! I will catch you one of these days :p

  • Well done!!!

    Into Week 3 with me now! Although i'm actually in week 4, but there is a mystery shrouding where the week 4 forum is!!!

    We all have to go there at some point :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

  • woohoo!!

    hiya all!


    I TOO AM INTO WEEK 3 NOW!! n i feel briiillllll!!!

    not had a slip up or anything, not even feeling like smoking,

    hope you are all sticking with it too.

    doin decorating so not getting on pc that much,

    catch u all soon.


  • Good going poskit x x

    paint a room pink for me :D

    ~Buffy x x

  • well done hope to catch up and join you :) .

  • just like to say a big THANX!!all your support youv'e all been brill, and as far as i'm concerned, theres no going back to that filthy,smelly habit ever again!!

    even hubby's well impressed that i've not fallen off the wagon and had a sneaky smoke:D he's telling everyone how well i'm doin (he's gone from one extreme to another!) at first he didn't mention it, but when i asked him why he didn't ask me how i was coping, he said he didn't want to mention it so as not to remind me about ciggies,but now he's really proud of me(and so is my mum, n all my friends & family!) so theres no way i'm falling back into that trap:D

    tell you what is realllllly weird? i've never had long finger nails(know it sounds silly:o )

    but they're all long,strong, and i've had a french manicure n they look lovely,mmmmmmmmmm................strange???

    :D just thought i'd share that with you.

    catchya poskit.x

  • Hi poskit,

    Just read your post and how weird is this, I have grown my nails for the first time in my life as well!

    Maybe we have discovered another side effect of quitting, stops you biting your nails!

    Befly x x:D

  • Ooo Well Done Poskit

    And really pleased you're getting loads of support. Having your nails done is such a lovely treat but when I've had them done I find they chip within half an hour!!

    Enjoy your nails girls


  • oooooooooooooooooBefly!! how spooky's that?::confused:

    i have never ever had strong long nails, but now i have been decorating ect and not broke or chipped any!

    i will mention it when i got to docs for my next lot of champix, see if anyone else has grown theirs without trying(pity they don't help you lose weight as well!!):confused:

    or what about a poll on here???


    Well it's a thought.:D

    mmmmmmm be thinking about it all night in bed tonight now,

    anyway catchya soon.


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