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Day 10 and survived a boozy weekend!!!!


Well here I am Day 10 ........ feeling proud and a bit loney if i am honest ...... had a really stressful day and would like nothing more than to sit down with a ciggy and coffee ..... have avoided it but feel it is making me miserable ..... i dont deal with stress very well ...... but then a little thing in my head says loud enough that i have done so well ..... it is 10 whole days ---- i dont need to do it ......... I also have a sore throat and feeling a bit sorry for myself - bit of a bug i think sore gland same side as throat and ear pain :(:(:(:(

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Shazbog xxxx :) Big hug xxxx Sounds like you are having a bad day :( You need to really take care of yourself tonight. Get into your pj's ASAP! Something really tasty for tea, maybe a bath - you absolutely deserve to be treated like a precious flower, because you have done SO well, and it is really hard in the early weeks.

I assure you, as others assured me, it really does get better. Good luck :

ps surviving a boozy weekend is really something to be proud of too - what a girl!

Incy_Wincy4 Years Smoke Free

Sound advice from Hattie there. definitely spoil yourself a bit if you can - you SO deserve it :) Especially if you're feeling poorly on top of everything else...big hug xx

Proud you should be, a huge well done from me. Truly fantastic, at first of course we feel we have lost something, but we haven't, we have gained everything.

Keeping my fingers and toes crossed tomorrow will be easier for you.

Truly fantastic

Thank you sooooooooo much to you all for the replies and responses ...... it really really does help me xx Have been into work tonight and they are all pleased for me .....I run a local Club and so that has been tricky too at times xx I have stayed strong today and whilst all my locals went out for their ciggy i was proud to stay in and not join them xx Thanks again it means so so much to have all your support :D:D

Canwes1000 Days Smoke Free

Shaz, my guess is the locals at your club are probably wishing they had the strength you do. Don't cave in to pressure from friends or thinking your not part of the 'gang ' anymore, the hold the cig has on you is bad enough without that extra pressure. One day soon you'll be able to go outside with the smokers and not even want to have one, how sweet will that day be? Keep up the good fight, your doing well.

I'm with Canwes keep up the positive thinking

Sorry to hear you're feeling under the weather, Sharon. Great going with your 10 days, and just a side note, you say you don't deal well with stress. How about 10 days of not smoking? That's strong and that is dealing with stress.

Sore throat, yes there are a few going round. I have had one for several days and I believe it is because I have stopped smoking. Apparently many of the chemicals in cigarettes are so powerful that they can protect us from some infections as they destroy them. Not the case with the bronchitis I have had every winter for the last 3-4 years, nor the chest infections each winter.

Keep on keeping off those poison sticks.

I can relate to walkabout, bronchitis is something that hits me bad every year, but of luck your sore thrust will go quickly

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