Day 10

Hello there everyone,

Gosh i had a terrible day yesterday and to be honest i nearly cracked!! I really underestimated this demon!! BUt I'm very happy to say with determination, being headstrong and being on this forum I managed to overide the cravings. Today is another day and i feel much stronger so bring it on nicotine, Im a lean mean fighting machine! MUch love to all X :)

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  • sound like you mean business:)

    Going CT is def harder but every day you do is not only a great achievement but a kick in the teeth to nicotine.

    Your getting it out your system quicker too.

    Well done roach I take my hat off to you.::D

  • Thank you very much Carol, yes i'm feeling very positive. MY mind and body already feeling revitalised! :) How you doing? :D

  • Thank you Debs, well i got bigger teeth than the beast!! :) Yes i'm learning more and more each day. Ride out the bad times and let the good times roll!:D You ok? x

  • Thank you once again Debs, keep going and keep in touch x

  • Great to see you beat yesterday's cravings, Rochey, and come into today with renewed positivity!

    I hope you're proud of yourself...we certainly are :)

    Breathe out the past, breathe in the future.

    Best wishes,


  • NIce one!!

    Cheers Steve, oh yes indeed! How you doing?

  • Cheers Steve, oh yes indeed! How you doing?

    Doing great my friend! Thanks for asking :)

  • Well done Rochey :)

    You didn't crack and every time you fight the battle you grow stronger. Already the best part of 3 days under your belt and it'll be a week before you know it. :D

    Fair play to you. :)

  • NIce one!!

    Cheers Skiddaw, yes time flies when your having fun!! :D Hope your coping well :)

  • B-loody maaaaahvellous Rochey! Keep up the good work! Your right that swine Nic O'Tine does come out of nowhere but as time goes on and with your positive attitude the craves will lessen :) xxx

  • Hey Donna, yes indeed the ol Nico sure does creep on ya!! Cravings? What are they? ;) Thank you very much. The key to success is exercise, you guys and of course my good friend Wrigleys. Ha ha x

  • Another day under our belts....time really does fly.:D

    Your doing great,taking the good with the's the only way.

    Afm,tough yesterday but better today.

    Day 18 :D

  • Yes indeed Carol, one day closer to the Penthouse :D x

  • Thank you for the kind comments Jenny, that's all we can keep doing is carry on. Will be much easier with the help and support of each other! :) X

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