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Day 10


Doing very well this week. Sleep has been a little bit disrupted again but its very minor. 1 weeny crave this morning which was laughable, really, and that's the only one in the last few days. Long day at hospital yesterday and no craves at all whilst I am there, quite weird. Got to GP surgery on Thurs and she had cancelled so I have rebooked for next week but the good thing that came out of that visit was that I was able to book to see a counsellor that works for our practice, just like that !! no waiting list ect which is great and I got to speak with her briefly and she said there is no time limit, if I want to see her for months/years ect then that's fine, so I think I have fell on my feet I really do feel talking to this lady will be a good therapy for me and I feel blessed. I cannot remember the last time I was ill, it must be years and years ago but have woken up with a sore throat so I shall take it easy today. Hope everyone is doing well xxxxxxxxx

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Sounds like you can get the support that you would like gerti which is fantastic. .. just do not forget the people here who are 100% behind you all of the way

It's is indeed wonderful to read such a positive post, your taking control my lovely, now that's a wonderful thing.

Am hoping all goes well,

Keep posting and reading.

Happy times ahead

Well done Gerti :D

I'm sure the counsellor will help you- she sounds lovely and how wonderful that you can see her immediately! Round here the waiting list for talking therapy is months long (by the time you get to the top of the list you've generally recovered :rolleyes:).

Now, you wrap up warm and take care of that sore throat. There's a lot of it about. I shall keep everything crossed for a laid-back and happy weekend for you. :)

That's a massive step in the right direction. Good luck Gerti. With your determination I can't see how it won't happen for you! X

Thanks everyone

I think the 1 small crave is probably due to the fact I quit for over 5 weeks, fell off the wagon for 3 days and got right back on it. I have had some anger issues on starting up again but nothing I cant handle.

This forum has played the most important part in my quit, bit like having my own cessation group but this one is open round the clock, 7 days a week and when I need a lift or a kick up the bum it is always there to oblige. I hope it becomes more user friendly so that others can sign up and reap the benefits.

That's a lovely post Gerti :)

Well done Gerti. Great news that you are able to see the counsellor.

Hope you are feeling better today.

Thank you xx

Heading towards the 2 week mark and apart from having a horrid head cold I am doing very well and sleep has been ok for the past 2 nights. Today should have been my long awaited shopping trip with the hubster but I feel sooooo full of cold and flu I decided to stay indoors and poodle. Rather than waste the day I started on making a curtain for our draughty front door and spent about 4 hrs on it, feeling rather pleased even though its not finished yet x

Ha ha ha that is so funny, absolute classic bless her she sounds lovely xx

Love it! :D

We have a 'giraffe excluder' too. He's shaped like a sausage dog and his name is Horace. :)

So glad you're OK Gerti. May today be a good day and may your weekend be a happy one.

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