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Day 14 - Survived work

Hiya guys,

Well after 3 weeks off from work (2 weeks annual leave + 1 week sick)...I went back to work today. Now this is the first day back to work since quitting and to be honest I was dreading it more than just a bit. Lots of triggers in this territory both obvious and hidden. It amazed me just how many there actually were...crikey!!! For those that might have been reading my posts, I was made redundant from my permanent job and was basically made to carry on working there by them offering me a temporary contract. If I didn't accept the contract I'd lose my redundancy as it was deemed suitable alternative employment. Short and curlies sping to mind. Anyway, work is not my favourite place to be at the moment and the management are generally tossers who protected there own asses during this "process".

Anyway I survived dropping Harrison off at nursery and walking to work and managed to work until 10:30am before the next craving started...the sneaky fag before the weekly section meeting (arrggghhhh major stress levels here). Like I said having to listen to aforementioned tosser managers spouting about how good they are and how crap everyone else is for an hour is pure agony...but I MANAGED IT. WOOHOO!!!! Having people (same tossers) come back to me with work backed up over the three weeks made my craving worse but dinnertime was okish as I was stuffing my face. After that the day became easier with afternoon break being just a mild zap of a crave.

Having to work with poor managers with god complexes creates this shiny armour which, after a while, no craving can penetrate. So thankyou was hard but in a way you've strengthened my quit.....just got it all to do again tomorrow (hmmmmph I shall not break mind)!

Lisa x

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ahhh bless sounds like a very stressful job you have Lisa :(

but so glad you made it work in a positive way you should be so proud of yourself :)

onwards and upwards is the motto

and a big pat on the back


Carol x


Come on Lisa - us October 2011 quitters gotta keep on truckin'



I'm gonna keep on truckin GTAT...nothning's gonna stop me now!!!

I was just a bit reticent about going to work that's all as usually I feel like I'm gonna pop in an hour in LOL!

I have to say I have many supportive friends at work (who actually do the work). They have all helped massively today, just by receiving my email rantings along the lines of;







It is very stressful ****ysing what seems like millions of patient samples but I know if I can get through my job (which has many triggers for me as I've worked there so long), then I can quit smoking. I'm glad I had a few weeks where I'd quit before being at work though or I suspect I might have found actually giving up very hard i.e. I don't think I'd have got past Day 1. So this could be a tip to any lurkers/people thinking of stopping, maybe take a few days off annual leave if you can.

Cheers for the support.

Lisa X


Good for you Lisa. I know well the feeling of working for people you would rather not be working for. That was my polite way of putting it - I couldn't write what I really meant lol.

Rising above all the c**p and not letting them push you into falling off your quit is a poke in the eye for them and another bow in your arrow ;)

Keep it up and show them what your made of :p

G x


the stars was the word "a n a l y s i n g"......obviously a dirty word, couldn't agree more heh heh

P.S. sorry for swearing in the original post giving up and swearing go hand in hand for me, for a while.

P.P.S Cheers everyone XXX


me f*** ing too


Hey Lisa dont let them BASTARDS. grind you down. with people like that its best to imagine them with no clothes on sat on the toilet with severe constipation. dont give up your quit youve done brilliantly.

Mash x


well done lisa for making it through and coming out stronger

i dreaded going back to work after my maternity and was worried with all the triggers but the anticipation was actually worse than it was in real life

and as for being treated like crap with redundancy my OH was made redundant then made to stay on for 5 months temporarily while they pack up the place under there nose bit by bit but used them to keep production going and like u say managers just looking after themselves

they dont even care about the psycological effect redundancy has on a person or the financial impact on there family

but through all of this both u and i and many others have pulled through smoke free

well done us



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