No Smoking Day
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10 days and counting!!!

Hweoo everybody!!

I am on day 10 and feeling a bit strange! (some people will say that I'm strange all the time :D )

I not missing the fags or having any cravings today but I just feel a bit deflated I think is the word rather apathetic and whatever!! Still got a stonking sore throat though like sandpaper has been rubbed on it!

Went out for a meal last night and went past the smokers outside and didn't mind it was cool with me and didn't mind the smell was okay but didn't want a ciggie! So was good to go near smokers, was a bit worried about that havent' been out since i quit! but that seems to be fine!

Have been eating like food has been going out of fashion though been trying to be good and eat proper food like carrots and stuff but im giving in and going to subway at lunchtime might even take a foot long one!!

But must say I'm a lot more positive than I was this time last week so its good!!!

windy xx

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Well done on day 10 !! nicely done thusfar!

I had a day last week where i felt a bit down, like something major was missing and i put it down to withdrawal and went about my day. The following day i was back on form.

I also eat a bit more now too, but not much more, i've found my secret weapon.. i treat myself to a Wispa bar :) mmmmmmmm

Nom Nom Nom :)

Keep adding these days on though, you've come a long way since last week, and you can see it too. Chin up though, compared to what you could have done for the last 10 days, you're doing something wonderful here.


you just put your finger on what the feeling is now you said i did feel like missing something (other than my marbles which went years ago!!) I think its the routine and HABIT i miss!!

I have a distinct disadvantage I don't like or eat chocolate unfortunately but am partial to pringles so will treat myself to some tonight! I will start the exercise regime monday though to shift my few extra pounds i have put on thats healthier than smoking, so it is all positive and you are right I am doing well!! as we all are!

Thank you Jase for reminding me of that and although it sounds obvious your rationale mind doesn't think it!!! :D


Hi Windy :D

Into double figures that's great well done you Big Hug

The sore throat is normal but if it continues for long see your Dr to set your mind at rest

Also well done llast night being around smokers and not tempted is really good


Marg xxxxxxxxxxx


Hi WindyC - well done on Day 10 - that's flipping fantastic - WoooT! :D

Unfortunately I have now become addicted to Cadbury Dairy Milk. It has to be straight from the freezer and I love it.

Fortunately I have also become addicted to running - just 3 miles today - not quite enough to counter act the chocolate though. :p

Still - plenty of time for that later. Just stay smoke free!

Go Windy!:D


I have a Wispa bar every morning at 11am :) I feel bad :(

NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


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