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No Smoking Day
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75 Hours

Hey everyone.

After ten years of smoking, roughly, 13-20 roll-ups per day, 75 hours ago I decided to quit. On the 9th June as I craved a cigarette I decided that I didn't wish to smoke any longer and thought I'd hold on just for an hour, then another hour, then another. This quit is my first (hopefully last too) and was totally unplanned; I actually quit at 15:50! Which is a strange time, indeed.

I'm extraordinarily proud of myself; for I didn't think I could even go two hours without a smoke!

Hope you're all doing good with your quit too!


My method is cold turkey.

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Excellent. The 15:50 thing is not important. The actual best time to quit is right now and for ever. NOPE! Not One Puff Ever. Hour by hour is definetly a good approach although for me it was more like minute by minute lol. I am in my 3rd week and it's no where near as hard as that first and second week so stay strong. You got this.


Firstly a huge friendly welcome to the forum.

Wow proud you should be, off to a fantastic start, as you say bit by bit.

Please pits and read often, it can truly help.

So looking forwards to your updates.

Blooming brilliant.

Great decision to quit, and what a great start, heading to your first week


Thank you for your kind words of support! I've been reading the forum posts and they have been a big help. I'm expecting things to get worse, but I hope they don't. It's been fairly smooth so far in terms of physical. Although, I have been amazed at just how creative my mind can be for trying to convince me to just have "one last smoke". :D


I agree William, my mind is so smart in trying to convince me having a smoke is a good idea. Where was all this brain power at school. :)


I like your method - just sneaking up on a quit might be rather clever...

My quit time is 7am...it happens when it happens!

My advice would be to celebrate your achievements all the time :) I went cold turkey too - it's tough, but if you can do it I think it's the quickest way...Good luck! xx


Hi William and welcome. 75+ hours is great, I always loved counting hours when I first quit, the numbers sounded more impressive , than counting in days:) Whether it was planned or not your decision to quit was smart and you should be proud !! Definitely need to stay strong against those creative mind tricks, they can be very sneaky – just gotta show 'em who's boss and they will start to back off:) Keep the faith and know your in good hands, loads of nice people here to help you along The quit path.... Good luck


Congratulations on making the decision to quit, and 75 hours (plus by now), good going. It might get harder for you or it might not; we're all different. Cannot say more than deep breathing, NOPE and coming on here frequently. That latter commitment has been so important to me in the early days and still stands over 3 months in. All the best on your journey. Keep us posted.


Congratulations on making the decision to quit, keep it up, looking forward to reading your future posts


Hi William, well done on your decision, already Nic has left your body so really well done. Welcome to this site, trust me us worth taking the time to come in often. Look forward to your progress update soon


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