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Newbie 1st hour !!! Advice please

Hi All

I was sitting with my 5 year old who is off school ! I did my usual and vanished out the back for a smoke ! last one in the packet and suddenly had a really strong notion to quit ... so i searched the drug cupboard and found an old patch and stuck it on ! that was an hour ago! I know this goes against all the advice about stopping but ive never really had an urge like that before.. I usually smoke bout 25 a day Im a Firefighter and a fitness instructor in my spare time !( i know before anyone says anything ! ) Ive now found this site and just reading some of the posts is amazing ive suddenly become so determined. My usual excuse for starting again is my grumpiness and i think thats the hardest thing for me ...snapping at my wife and kids for no reason is horrible but reading on here that other people have the same problem is such a relief and im sure it will help me ! i will now be a regular on here so il update soon ! not sure if im posting this in the correct bit so if im not someone tell me off !!!!!!cheers Iain

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Hi Iain

Welcome to the forum and congrats on your decision to quit.

The best advice I can give you is to read read read, educate yourself on what to expect on your quit journey and you will be fine!! Lots of good info / advice can be found right here on the forum.

Keep a bottle of water nearby and if the urge to smoke comes along have a little sip, it will help....

Good luck!!


Thanx John


Hi Ian

first of all good luck .:D Like already suggested, read , post , I found a lot of support.

I don't think I would've done it without this forum ....and I been to a few before ;)

If you feel the time is right, go for it . You done the first step, keep going and we hopefully see you tomorrow on day 2 .


Thanx ! So is that wot I do then ! Post on day 2 ! Lol course it is !!!


Post anytime you feel like it....especially when your struggling, that helped me a lot.

I wish you all the best for you first day. :)


Go for it!

It's only a very short time until it gets easier. The first 3 days really are the worst. I'm only 6 days ahead of you having done the same this time last week! (I only planned it for a few days, but 5 mins is just as good)



Hi Iain,

Well done on taking the first step to being free.

I know it's not easy but what everyone says here is the best advice you can get.

This place was (and still is) the best support I could have hoped for and I know without that I would have crumbled.

Good luck



Hi Iain,

Well done on your decision to quit.

This forum has been a great help for me so far - there's support when it's not going too well and congratulations when there's success.

If you're going to use patches, I would get to a pharmacy/supermarket and get some more as soon as you can, so you're armed and ready for tomorrow :cool:

And as everyone else says, read, read, read - there's a site on that has some good advice (not that here doesn't, but it's easier organised).

Good luck!



Hi Iain - hope that your first day is going ok. Your wife and kids will thank you in the end if you see this through. Even though you did this on an impulse, I would still go through the process of thinking through why you are quitting - these will be the reasons that you hold on to when things get a bit tough. Good luck.


Thanx for all your messages I've taken on board all the points ! Well I'm now on nightshift at the station and going ok so far !!! For those who asked my reasons for stopping there's loads ! The kids mainly ! Also the fact I'm a fitness instructor and although I've smoked all my years in the forces and fire service and it's only now I'm noticing that smoking is affecting my performance ! I'm sitting just now with a kojak lollipop ! Seems to be helpin !!! Someone suggested raw carrots aswell ! Il munch on them tomorrow !!! Cheers all !


Hi Iain, well done on your decision to quit and well done on day one. And i agree with john sipping water is the best thing when u get a crave. And read as many posts as you can plenty of advice on here im so glad i found this site its been a life saver for me everyone is so supportive, and if you feel like a good ole rant this is the place to do it we all do it. Anyway welcome to the forum and good luck with your quit. Jacqui.


Oh and one more thing celery is a good munch. Jacqui


Hi Ian :)

Welcome ....

it gets easier ..

its not all bad .. theres loads of good things

and feelings on the journey :cool:


Nightshift nearly over ! Feeling not bad ! No fires tonight which is good as that would have been the real test !! Finish at 8 then Military FItness test for the linters in my class then home for a wee sleep ! When I waked up il be well into day 2 !!!!


Hi iain

i see your into your fitness... I habve been quit 6 days & gone cold turkey as don't believe patches made much difference for me. I have used microtabs when serious craving hits, but like most you go through the worst in first week. I suggest cranberry extract vitamins & drinking cranberry juice as it helps you detox.....

Also accept that you maybe crouchy !!!

Good luck


Just one tip Iain.

When you wake up and want a fag, bear in mind that the "first thing in the morning" craving is actually over very quickly. Your body gets out of that first craving in a day or so. So just fight it this morning!


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