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DAY 7 ........Tryng sooooooo hard to resist :-)

Well here it is Day 7 - I found yesterday awful .... and am finding today harder still - have so much to do as going away this evening for the weekend with hubbie and couple of friends - no children and fortunately nobody smokes within our group!!!!! I have paperworlk housework shopping etc and yet I cannot focus taking all my time to not just have one !!!!!! I am telling myself I resisted yesterday I can do it today ....... why of why did I put myself in this position again - It was horrendous giving up last time - what a fool

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Phew, Shazbog xxx

Deep breath. You are doing brilliantly. You need to be extremely nice to yourself, and let yourself off the hook. It is hard. Really hard. Take as much pressure as you can off yourself, make a list of the bare minimum you need to do today and do that and no more.

Have you thought of using some nrt to help you along? Worth a thought??!! I used patches and occasional ly an e cig and they did help to take edge of the cravings.

Stay strong have a lovely weekend :) :) :)


well said Hattie


You resisted yesterday and you can do it again today. That's a great positive attitude and more importantly it is true!! Keep going with that thought and over time it will come naturally to you to know that you can make it!!


You just keep going bit by bit, that's all that matters.

Of course some withdrawal may happen, but those symptoms will become less and less.

Let's make this the quit that counts, have a great weekend away, keep us up dated

You can do this you can


We're all rooting for you Shazbog :)

You know you can do this xxx


Keep in there Sharon. You know it is worth it and that you can do this. Breathe deeply, NOPE and checking in here if you can whilst away. And as Karri says, remind yourself repeatedly why you are doing this.


Well it is now day 8 almost into day 9 and it's hard I'm not going to lie but been out and breathed fresh air and you people are keeping me going thank you - I can do this xxxxx


Yes you can Sharon!!!:D I'm a true believer in fresh air doing wonders for the mind and soul:) .. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Your doing fantastic keep going were all rooting for you


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