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But it's sooooooo hard!

Hi Everyone, been stopped nearly 9 weeks and having a really bad week - gagging for a cig and fed up of shoving food in my mouth instead - not to mention how enormous I feel. Have put over a stone on in weight. I stopped because I was bordering on COPD, which turned out to be Asthma so have a stronger reason for stopping this time - but it's staying stopped that's the hardest for me. It's supposed to get easier isn't it? I've used just about every aid: patches, gum, lozenges, hypnotherapy (£120) and read Allen Carr's book (which was brilliant) as well as currently attending Smoking Cessation. I'm desperate to stay stopped so registered here for a moan. Feel a bit better for it too. Good luck all!

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Welcome Carol

Well done on your quit :) Sounds to me like the Terrible 3s could be rearing there ugly head. Try and read this and see if it sheds any light on how your feeling.

You can do this honestly you can. Good luck


Good read - thank you!

Thanks for this Jo, it really helped a lot and a good read too!


a lot of things on there are a good read! Have a look around :)

Well done on getting as far as you have, in my month 2 and 3 I still had loads of ups and downs... sometimes it was worse than in the beginning because I didn't see the 'downs' coming.

As long as you keep your guard up you'll be fine, it really will pass soon.


Thanks Sofia, really encouraging and feeling better as a result.


Hi Carol, you are doing great 9 weeks is no mean feat. Just keep resolute in you resolve to quit. You can do it and you must do it for your health.

Keep posting and keep positive we all put weight on at the start of the quit but it will sort itself out.Joan xxx


This site has really helped - thanks everyone!

Hi Joanie, thanks for your comments. Considering I was seconds away from lighting-up this morning, I'm really glad I didn't. I registered on this site out of desperation and I'm pleased I did. I still want a cigarette but not nearly as much as I did this morning.

This site has really helped - thanks everyone!


Hi Carol

Really well done on resisting Yes it's hard, but you hopefully feel really really proud of yourself now!

I love this site. It's full of people who are friendly, helpful and funny. Takes my mind right off wanting to grab a fag!

Keep posting and keep reading!


Hi Carol!

The bad bits come and go, but they get fewer and further between. And people who've got past these early months all say that they hardly ever crave and when they do it's barely worth mentioning.

That will be such a great place to be in. We need to keep the quest for freedom firmly in our minds when it gets tough.

Glad you logged in here instead of smoking. Definitely the better decision!

Welcome to the madhouse.

Helen x


Can't wait to get there

Hi Helen

I agree, it will be a great place to be - can't wait to get there. I'm glad I logged in here instead of smoking too. Thanks so much for your comments and good luck!


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