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New room Tom

Well heading onto day 22 who knew I could get this far again it's been bumpy and tbh it's been ugly at times but I'm still fighting and still free from cigarettes nearly caved yesterday no other reason than actually having a fancy for one but I brought it and then went straight round a friends and gave the full unopened bacci to her left a couple of hours later full of tea and laughs and still smoke free lol, she's going to have a right supply and she doesn't even smoke but it helped to buy it, made me realise no it's not what I want, but I'm sure again I will forget and again I will cave but it got it out of my system, strange way to deal but worked :-) onwards and upwards we go

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Oh Shelly I've done that too! Not this time around, but in many of my other quits - I don't know why it helps to buy it but sometimes it really seems to :) I think it's a bit like when you're trying to decide something, and you can't, so you toss a coin, and realise the result you got is not the one you really wanted - and you see that your mind was made up all along. Buying fags = now I can smoke if you want = but I don't want to, that's the point!

Does that make sense?

Well done on getting through, Shelly , I'm proud of you xx


Hey way to go Shelly, what ever works for you, is right for you.

Stay strong, doing a grand job, it will indeed get easier, I.ll keep fingers and toes crossed tomorrow is a good smoke free day


Shelly - I think that was a fabulous way to work through it all and so proud of you!!!:cool: Enjoy your new room:)


Well done Shelly for resisting and working through the test.


I agree, great way to work through this situation, well done!!!! :)


Hi Shelly

Great job today whatever works for you is the best remedy, I didn't think we were that close this is day 23 for me,


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