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Spitting my dummy out my pram

Well moving day arrived, indeed not easy, after all the usual rubbish got to the new property, omg, filthy, I had a proper little tantrum, when all around me are saying lovely positive things, it's quite small, I,m not good at a lot, for the last twenty years I,ve sold diamonds so know a little about them, but the other thing I love doing houses, indeed I've learnt you can make something beautiful with not much cash, so for now my mind has started to work over time and I,m coming round to realising I,m here for good, so need to get my positive head on.

A blessing is I gave up my allotment and always wanted to have a veg patch in my garden I can now have that.

I feel as though I had a proper melt down , but i,m over it now.

It was not pretty

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Aw hun, poor you - moving's a nightmare at the best of times, never mind after the few weeks you've just had.

Small is ok - my house is teeny-tiny too, but it's got everything I need (well, except the swimming pool, stables and library! (And the turret. We all want a turret, don't we?!))

I'm glad you've started to see the positive side - think of all the paint charts riddled with ridiculous names! Lucky-elephant grey, anyone?

Good luck gorgeous x


You're so lucky, I'd love a veg patch right outside my kitchen door. Glad you're over your melt down :)


Fixing up a house and making it into a home can be a beautiful thing - take your time and have some fun with it, you deserve it!!


Hope today is a little better and think of all the lovely things you can bring to your home. I remember saying to my boys when their dad left, 'it isn't the size of the house you live in, but the love it holds.'


It's one of the top stressors, moving, and you've also been through one of the others very recently as well. So I reckon you're entitled to spit your dummy out. Here's a new one for you: n729543


Aw thanks beautiful, love it


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