Positive posting day, I,m nominating Roisin, Fordy, Nozmo please!!

I,m thinking it would be a great help to all, in having a positive posting day.

The reason, I have selected the first three are because you all have a different,  opinions, which is fantastic. and I may say a wealth of experience in quitting that very nasty, ugly, killing mr Nico .

So please as I have a difficult day tomorrow, as I,m sure others have!!! . I would so appreciate some lovely  positive  post regarding your quits.  Just to help my day along.

Thankyou all

Please nominate who ever you choose for a positive post. Or indeed post your very own.

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  • Morning Tracey, thank you for the nomination....

    My positive post is I have surprisingly gained an unknown inner strength to deal with stressful and worrying situations a lot more calmly since I quit.

    Hope today goes well for you...

    I nominate Thinlizzy54 

  • roisin

    you pass inner strength around somehow.

    as my possitive.I can stop smoking.I can cope with stress better now

    I nominate nazmo.mainly because of his funny side ha

    all take care 😊

    keep kicking 😎

  • That's not fair, I've been nominated twice!

    My biggest positive isn't even something that's tangible. It's the knowledge that by cutting out the cigs I may be avoiding something unknown and terrible, lurking in the future, waiting to happen to me. Simple as that!

    And having LOADS more CASH obviously!

    Hope you get through today alright Tracey.

    I nominate Nozmo, saying as everybody else is! :-)

  • to be fair.you hadent posted any thing

    so really its one agreeing with another one.

    you shouldn't be so popular ha ha

  • That's OK Lizzy, just joking, don't mind at all! Have a good Friday, regardless of the crappy weather. Long weekend coming!!

  • nominate someone?

    keep calm


    carry on the game😏

    ha ha

    you have a great weekend

  • Oh, aye.....I'll nominate Hercu 

  • Where is hercu.?

  • Thanks Tracey - great idea. So many positives to take out of giving up - many already covered by Roisin, Nozmo and ThinLizzy. For me it is that each day is a real sense of achievement - also (sneaking in a second) the fact that my kids always hated the fact that I smoked. I nominate Abuelajeannie

  • great post fordy

    it great we all help each other

    anyway my battery is going


  • Couldn't work out how to make Jean's name a link - does this work? Abuelajeannie - does it mean that she will be notified that I have nominated her? I need one of my kids to help me sort these tech things out

  • put in @ + username and click on it, found out this tip thanks to Nozmo 

  • Thanks RoisinO1 

  • Jean Abuelajeannie this is for you!

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