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No Smoking Day
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Sorting out my gubbins

I'll be moving rooms in a few days! I'm on 8 weeks cold nut-loaf today, and I honestly think if it weren't for checking in here every day I would hardly even remember I was a smoker 8 weeks ago.

I'm also aware that if it weren't for checking in here every day I would likely have suffered a setback by now, so THANK YOU all for being here :)

It's been a joy to share my time with you all, and I hope we can stick together for a good while yet my quitting lovelies xxx

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Your quit seem so intact incy, in my book that's fantastic, this months are starting to add up nicely. May I say a huge well done from me.

Nut roast sound yum yum to me.

Here's to celebrating your next month. Brilliant


I've been enjoying my nut roast Tracey :) Sounds far more appealing than cold turkey to me! Thank you x


This is so amazing! Bravo!! It is so strange for me....on the one hand I was such an involved smoker that I still cant believe I am done smoking, and on the other, 30 days after I start forgeting that I used to smoke and the daily routine of the smoker! How fantastic!


I know what you mean Antonis - sometimes I feel a bit like Jekyll and Hyde with the conflicting feelings. At first it was 'I want to smoke!' vs 'I really don't want to smoke' and now it's 'How on earth did I stop?' vs 'what was all the fuss about'. Very odd... But brilliant!


Congratulations You've done amazingly well xxx


Thank you Shelly, I appreciate that :) And please believe me, you will find it gets easier lovely - keep fighting and try to stay positive xx


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